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Jim Kwik has spent the last 25 years helping people like you to improve their memory, to learn to speed-read, to increase their decision-making skills, and to unleash their superbrains. He has worked with the likes of Elon Musk, Michelle Obama and Richard Branson. In this video and in this post you will learn 10 morning habits that will help you jump start your brain.

Okay so I am going to break the video down into the FEEL4 steps so you can quickly get to grips with what Jim is sharing in the video.


Step 1 - FOCUS - My focus is to create morning habits that will train my brain to develop greater levels of focus and creativity and I want to achieve this by the end of this post.

Step 2 - ENERGIZE - I feel energized to make this happen because I want to improve myself and feel better for it. I want to be the best I can be. I want to perform well at whatever I focus on. I want to achieve my daily goals.

Steps 3 & 4 - ENGAGE & LEARN - To achieve my focus every morning I am going to engage with:

1. Remembering my dreams... > 1.1 > Learning to remember my dreams will help me to understand my subconscious and unconscious thinking so that I can come up with insights and solutions to help me problem solve my conscious objectives.

2. Making my bed... > 2.1 > Learning to make my bed and be tidy brings me more self respect and allows me to clear my mind to focus on the more important aspects of my life. It also is a quick way to show myself that I can accomplish a task and be successful at it.

3. Drinking a sensible amount of water ... > 3.1 > Learning to drink a healthy amount of water is good for the brain and the body. It is vital for hydration (keeping your body in an energetic healthy state) which will make you perform better throughout the day. The body also loses water whilst sleeping so it is vital to re-hydrate myself first thing.

4. Brushing my teeth with my opposite hand... > 4.1 > Learning to change which hand or way I do something develops more neural connections in my brain, making me a smarter person every day.

5. Breathing deeply... > 5.1 > Learning to breath deeply helps grow the oxygen inside my body. Without enough oxygen my body has no way to thrive and perform at its best.

6. Drinking a "Brain" tea... > 6.1 > Learning to drink a brain enhancing tea helps me to improve my cognitive functions. It also hydrates me and improves my memory and my problem solving skills.

7. FEEL4 Journaling... > 7.1 > Learning to constantly use my FEEL4 Journal (Read the Guide for more info) places me into a perfect state of mind to manage the FEEL4 paths I am focusing on and it reminds myself what is energizing me to do so.

8. Exercising my body... > 8.1 > Learning to start the day with a set of brief high intensity exercises helps to jump start my heart to provide more oxygen to my brain. It also gets and keeps my in a body healthy state to be able to tackle the FEEL4 paths I want to achieve.

9. Drinking a "Brain" smoothie... > 9.1 > Learning to start my day with the right food and drink provides my brain with the correct vitamins and nutrients to perform at its best and last the gap between morning and lunch time. This also trains my body to crave healthy food from the outset which means less sugary foods and less weight being put on throughout the day.

10. Reading books related to the FEEL4 paths I am focusing on... > 10.1 > Learning to constantly feed my mind with relevant information enables me to achieve my goals faster and more effectively. Besides the joy of holding and reading books if I am short of time I have learnt that listening to Audible Audio Books is very productive and can be done whilst I am travelling. Reading at least one book a week really improves my understanding and increases my awareness of the things I am focused on.
Feel the change you wish to see...

I hope you have found this post useful. If you have any morning habits you'd like to share then add a comment or post in the community page.

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