Failure is your springboard to success

I have to admit that this is not an original quote:
"Failure Is Your Springboard To Success"
What is original is how it relates to FEEL4.

Let me begin by sharing with you the core rules (Code of Conduct) you must abide by when using FEEL4:
1. You must always think positively - about every part of the formula - positive thinking is the foundation of FEEL4 - especially so when facing difficulties.
2. You must always take “Good” actions - by being good you will generate goodness from within and without and in generating goodness you will help others improve too.
3. You must always do your best – by doing your best you will give yourself the greatest chance of success.
4. You must never quit - it is impossible to complete a path if you stop walking it.
These rules are essential. If you walk down a path you create with FEEL4 and don't use these rules you will likely fail and will definitely not feel better.

FEEL4 is not only a powerful formula that leads you to materialistic improvement, it is also a mindset that improves the way you look at and experience life. Positivity and optimism are part of the aura that starts vibrating through and around you when you use FEEL4.

What does all this have to do with "Failure" and "Springboards"?

Life gets tough. If you are over forty and haven't experienced a time in your life when you felt a sense of despair and failure then find a mirror and look at a liar. Everyone will experience failure. Some will experience it over a longer term.

I wonder how many people have spent the longest part of their lives trying to make enough money to retire comfortably only to reach retirement age and still not have enough money to live on? How many have been happily married for decades to suddenly find themselves single again; left with a sense of loss and depression that all of those years have been wasted on someone who now doesn't give a damn?

Failure is something you will have to face throughout your life - but with a FEEL4 mindset it is regarded as a positive experience that gives you hope and encouragement.

I have experienced some very tough times psychologically. I have lost everything I worked my whole life for, all thanks to a divorce. So yes, I know facing life changing "Failure" can lead you down a dark path which not many come back from.

This is why I am so passionate about FEEL4. It has changed my life completely. I no longer allow myself to see things in a negative way. I genuinely see failure as an exciting time. If you are failing at something then it means you have hit the mother load of lessons learnt.

To someone who practices FEEL4 any opportunity to soak up lessons learnt is seen as a chance to gain momentum and tweak your path so that you have even more chance to succeed the next time around. It is also a time when you should be very alert to something that may be pointing you towards a totally new type of path. A much better one. The one destiny meant for you to walk down.

Do you realise how many great inventions were found accidentally or at a point where failure loomed large. Take a look for yourself:
Failure in itself means that you have tried something to get to a point it feels like the outcome you expected hasn't materialised. But looking at that definition with FEEL4 eyes means the opposite; you are actually being shown clues that will lead you to something better.

Last Words...

All of the above is what Failure and Springboards have to do with FEEL4 and your success. If you are interested in finding out more please READ THE GUIDE >>>

If you feel that failure is bringing you down and you need some guidance, just add a comment below or contact me via the contact page info. I am sure I can help change your perspective and introduce you to the FEEL4 way.

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