Pathfinding is a FEEL4 term which encompasses project management, coaching and therapy. A pathfinder is someone who expertly uses the FEEL4 formula to help a client evaluate their situation and come out with a clear path they can take to improve it.

Having an independent person who is not part of your world provides you with essential impartial advice to dramatically help you evaluate and resolve a situation you are facing.

It is important to additionally note, a professional FEEL4 pathfinder’s ability to find a swift resolution to a situation you are facing has no reflection on your own intelligence. In fact, usually the more intelligent you are the more likely you will overthink and bury your mind in thoughts. Using the analogy of an avalanche situation, this is precisely why you need a pathfinder to help pull you out and set you on a clearer path.

There is no typical pathfinding session to describe because everyone’s circumstances are unique. Some people seek a pathfinder’s help to make sense of a personal situation whilst others want to solve a business issue. Sessions can be for individuals, couples or groups. The pathfinding venue may also differ from that of a large stadium, office, someone’s home, online and landline communication services, or via the great outdoors.

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