Did you know every successful person uses the FEEL4 steps? They will lead you to succeed at anything you focus on and make you feel better. This website is here to dig deep into what FEEL4 can do for you. It also includes regular posts from FEEL4's founder Christian Jacques Bennett whose focus is to make you feel better.

If you love self improvement and project management, if you love simplifying your life and using the power of nature to get maximum results, then you will get addicted to using FEEL4 methodology for everything you do.

It is something successful individuals, couples, groups and massive organisations all use to define and achieve goals, whilst maintaining a healthy level of wellbeing.

By taking each step of FEEL4 you automatically define and tweak a path which leads you to achieve your goals and feel better in the process. Practising the formula also helps you to become more aware of the importance each of the four steps have in your life and those around you, leading to a healthier lifestyle and outlook on the environment you live in.
This website helps unearth what the formula can do and asks early adopters to share their experiences and ask questions from the founder Christian Jacques Bennett

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    More About The Formula

    FEEL4 is a self improvement and lifestyle formula decoded from nature. Practising the four steps every day will take you down successful paths and make you feel better for it. It is the ultimate self improvement (and so much more) formula that will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

    I have defeated all of my phobias practising FEEL4, increased my earnings, and am on my way to having a six pack at the age of 45! What goals do you want to achieve?

    It is so powerful and all encompassing that if you were to study all of the world's self improvement advice, whether that advice comes from the likes of Tony Robbins or Ekhart Tolle, you will always see aspects of the FEEL4 formula being mentioned. In other words FEEL4 is the only formula and life philosophy you will ever need if you want to improve yourself (and others) and feel better for it.

    Where most (arguably all) self improvement methodologies fail, is they get too complicated, there are so many things to think about and remember that they actually hinder and detract you from improving. With FEEL4 all you have to do is focus, energize, engage and learn. That's it!

    Think of using FEEL4 a little like walking. There once was a time that you couldn't walk. In those early days of learning to walk you hadn't yet experienced the joy of walking to new places alone, exploring and running. But once you took a few steps and took them again and again, walking became easier and easier. Now you don't even think about it, walking comes naturally.

    Well practising FEEL4 in your life is the same as walking. At first reading the formula "Focus, Energize, Engage, Learn" might seem too easy a concept. You could easily look away and carry on your life without it. But if you take the time to understand how those four steps work together, how they will guide you through everything you do in life, you will start to run with it. You will naturally find yourself seeing the formula in everything you do and applying it to everything you do. So for your own sake please don't click away, instead LEARN FEEL4 today!
    The word "FEEL4" is an acronym for four steps that frame and generate success, wellness, positivity & goodness. Using it always makes you feel better.

    In case you haven't already read the book these are the four steps in a little more detail:

    STEP 1 - FOCUS

    What specifically do you need to improve and accomplish (and when)?


    What things will inspire, motivate and keep you in a healthy state to attain your focus?


    What things do you have to do (and when) to attain your focus? Do them!

    STEP 4 - LEARN

    What positive things have you learnt from the previous steps and what can you do next to improve your situation?

    Want to know more? Take the free course here ►
    The steps can be used to manage every part of your life. They can help you improve your experience of a moment. They can help you manage a future goal, manage or defeat a phobia - anything! FEEL4 is something you will want to embed into your daily habits. Why? Because it works. FEEL4 makes you feel better for using it every single time.

    Find out more about The Science

    About The Blog

    This website is dedicated to exploring everything and how everything relates to FEEL4. The aim is to provide you with lessons that will improve your life and the lives of those around you.

    FEEL4 blog content - written by the founder Christian Jacques Bennett - improves your health, wealth and relationships. Reading a FEEL4 post should feel like a positive and enlightening experience.


    The blog posts of this website focus on three main categories. They represent THE BIG 3 core areas of your life which encompass all things.

    Health covers both your physical, mental and spiritual health. Examples are meditation, fitness and nutrition.

    Relationships covers every social interaction you have throughout your life with anyone or anything. Examples might be the interaction with family and friends, a dentist, a bond with a pet or even a plant.

    Wealth covers anything that you need to produce, pay and or work for. Examples would be the job you do, the house you live in, the garden you cultivate and the products you buy and use.

    Sidenote: If your life doesn't feel great then you are likely neglecting to focus properly on one (or more) of THE BIG 3.

    The blog uses these three categories because everything that is written about will in some way relate to one or more category. This makes things very easy to find and aligns them to the FEEL4 way of thinking.



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