Dr Ruscio will cure you through your gut

It all started with Dr Ruscio (at age 23) having sudden fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, feeling cold and mood dips. He went to several GP doctors and they all said he was fine. He wasn't. So he turned to alternative medicine.

Years later and Dr Ruscio is a doctor, clinical researcher and best-selling author whose practical ideas on healing chronic illness have made him an influential voice in functional and alternative medicine. His research has been published in peer reviewed medical journals and he speaks at integrative medical conferences across the globe.

In the above video you will get a privileged overview of his theory around having a healthy gut. If you are into health (silly statement as why wouldn't you be) and if you are suffering with symptoms that normal medical practitioners just can't seem to diagnose, then you are very likely to come across internet research on the gut and see the word "microbiome".

There is no hiding from this growing fact. The gut is pivotal to your overall health. That statement has to make sense - right? After all you mainly stay alive through getting food and putting it into your gut. Your gut drives your body in the same way an engine drives a car and we all know what would happen to a car if the engine was filled with the wrong ingredients and or had no oil to keep it lubricated. Total breakdown.

FEEL4 will help make sense of the path you should take

So how can FEEL4 help you make sense of Dr Ruscio's advice and the gut health maze? Simple, as always (hopefully you are getting used to this now if you are studying the free FEEL4 course and reading the other blog posts); we can do this by undertaking a FEEL4 four step path.



I am focusing on breaking down Dr Ruscio's advice and understanding how to improve my gut health.


I feel energized to want to pursue this path because I feel... [However you feel and what makes you want to be healthy?]


I am engaging with these actions and lessons learnt to help me get closer to what I need to do:

1. I am starting off by looking at the gut.

1a. I have learnt that there are 3 fundamental mental pillars I need to be aware of: 1 = My gut can influence any other system and cause any type of symptom in my body (brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, join pain, thyroid problems, skin conditions, gas, bloating, re-flux, constipation etc.). 2 = I can still have a gut related problem even though my bowel and stomach appear to be fine in their own right. 3 = If I am thinking that I have issues with my thyroid, adrenal gland and or have a food allergy then I need to take a serious look at making sure my gut is working optimally.

2. I need to figure out what specific issues I am experiencing so I can find the right course of gut treatment.

2a. I am learning that I need to do the obvious. Get a good night's sleep. I need to make sure I am on a healthy diet (i.e. not having too many calories, eating fresh organic fruit, vegetables and proteins). I need to be honest with myself and say whether or not I am stressed out by something which could be having a negative effect on me. I am learning that it is good to do a good self evaluation first before delving into what I can do for my gut, as there are high fibre, low fibre, inflammatory bowel and so many more types of treatment I could get lost in deciding on.

3. I am researching which diet to go on.

3a. I am learning there are two diets recommended by Dr Ruscio: a Paleo diet or a low FODMAP diet. I need to choose one which fits my needs and feels right. The main thing is to avoid inflammatory and processed foods (grain, dairy and soy) and give it a 2 to 3 week trial but if after that time I don't feel better I should try the other diet type.

4. I want to check what kind of lifestyle changes I need to undergo if I am on this type of diet.

4a. I am learning that it doesn't have to change my social lifestyle. I can still go out to eat with friends and mustn't worry too much about having the odd day off because the stress of worry is harmful. I have also learned that loneliness is just as bad for your health so it is a good idea to get out and socialise with my friends.

5. I am researching the benefits of gut health on mental health.

5a. I am learning that the right dose and type of probiotics can alleviate both depression and anxiety. I am learning that serotonin (created by healing the gut) helps with the movement of food through the intestinal tract (without movement you can get some kind of stagnation poisoning). I am learning that the gut is a second brain. The enteric nervous system is connected to the brain. There are hundreds of million of neurons connecting the brain to the enteric nervous system.
"32 mins 33 secs: Dogmatism can only exist in the presence of ignorance"
6. I am studying what effect sleep has on the gut.

6a. I am learning that so many health conditions become worse if you don't get enough sleep (heart disease, Alzheimers, dementia, obesity, depression, high blood pressure). I am learning that you need at least 6 or 7 hours of sleep a night. I also found out that people can potentially have too much sleep if over 9 hours a night (which could be due to an underlying health issue).

7. I am studying what fasting means to the gut.

7a. I am learning that intermittent fasting is health promoting for my gut. By not eating in a controlled safe way it will help kick start my body to sort itself out and reset the gut. I am learning that intermittent fasting can just mean changing my meal frequency.

8. I am studying what an elemental diet means.

8a. I am learning that it means to watch what type of food elements I am letting into my body. So to have a protein shake without any colours, fillings, and one that is hypoallergenic and gut friendly. I have learnt I should have this protein shake for 2-4 days or 2-3 weeks. I have learnt that if I have IBS this elemental diet [Elemental Heal] could be a game changer.

As always a FEEL4 path can be very specific to each individual. In the case of gut health, the path you take will differ dramatically if you suffer with IBS compared to a heart condition. Hopefully though you get the idea of how FEEL4 acts as a framework (one you can use for everything you do) to help guide you in a positive and successful direction which will make you feel better.

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