The window shade in your mind is hiding the real you

The window shade in your mind is hiding the real you

I always get a shiver down my back when I hear other people who have studied their own life and the wider world around them and come up with the same observation (aka life lesson).

Today I noticed that James Nussbaumer [An award winning Author/Speaker, former prisoner] had followed me on Twitter. So I clicked on his profile and then clicked to his website

On his website I found the below video. I watched it with great enthusiasm, especially as what James was saying kept tallying up with what I (and many others e.g. Eckhart Tolle) have each discovered. My enthusiasm increased upon reaching the 2mins/22secs mark as I heard him say, quote:
"Consider it like a window shade in your mind, that there is this thought system that is pulled down. And it is blocking the light from coming into your mind. To be who you are"
To give you some context, he had been talking about enlightenment and the growing truth about oneness (or Everything as I call it). He is talking about releasing yourself from your constant "window shade" of thoughts that can overpower you and take you away from the truth.

The truth is you are not your thoughts. You are a constant part of everything. To find yourself all you have to do is stop thinking.

To find yourself all you have to do is stop thinking.

One of the key things about FEEL4 is that it is designed to take you away from thinking and to start feeling. To connect with what is important and take your soul on a positive journey.

Has this got too spiritual for you? Or not enough?

Let's bring this back to a real life scenario. How about heartbreak?

Let's say that your partner left you. It has been years and you still cannot stop thinking about them. You have just seen them in the street and they are hand in hand smiling with another. You know they have absolutely no interest in being with you and yet you cannot but keep yearning for what you had to be mended...

Okay, in short, what is happening even in the latter sentence is your thoughts (which are not YOU) are dominating your life. Believe it or not you have the power to change your thoughts. Even to stop them. And that is the point of this post. To open your eyes to the reality of what you and everything else is, one absolutely-impossible-to-fully-fathom oneness, that pulls together everything into a form of constant vibration.

That vibration is the real you, it is what the "voice" in your head talks to and actually yearns to feel and return to. This is why life can at times feel so at odds with everything. Especially heartache. Heartache is the perfect breeding ground for your thoughts to take over because the pain you feel is addictive. Pain is connected to love and love is what makes a human feel most connected to the vibration of everything. So you can get stuck in a thinking cycle. Stuck until someone like me or James finally gets through to you.

You are already connected to everything. You already have all that you need to feel satisfied. All you have to do is raise the window shade.

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