Everything has to begin somewhere

Everything has to begin somewhere and FEEL4 is no exception.

FEEL4 is all about positive thinking and spreading goodness through your actions. FEEL4 stands for the following 4 cyclical steps.


What specifically do you need to improve and accomplish (and when)?


What things will inspire, motivate and keep you in a healthy state to attain your focus?


What things do you have to do (and when) to attain your focus? Do them!


What positive things have you learnt from the previous steps and what can you do next to improve your situation?

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Together the steps create a formidable path of improvement that leads you to achieve anything you wish to achieve. More importantly even if you use FEEL4 methodology just to cope with life you will simply feel better for having used it.

This website is designed to spread the awareness of the formula to people like you; people who want to improve their lives and the lives of those around them.

FEEL4 is also more than just an improvement formula, methodology or whatever terms you prefer to use, it is a non contentious way of life that invites everyone to come together with one purpose, to improve their life and those around them.

This is only the beginning of FEEL4 and is the first of many blog posts.

Today FEEL4 is in its infancy, with your continued support in visiting this website and reading the guide, in time it will grow to improve all of our lives, in every way possible.

I take heart in knowing…

Everything Has To Begin Somewhere

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett


  1. Really looking forward to reading your posts. I have left a comment on one of them already :-) x

  2. Just came across your site by accident, love it. Checking out your book on Amazon. Do you offer any discounts?

    1. Hi Arran, sorry no discounts on the book, Amazon doesn't offer them.

    2. No problem, I just bought a copy of the book anyway. I suffer with anxiety so hoping feel4 will help me beat it, thanks for the reply.

  3. Great to see someone trying to spread positive energy, keep up the good work.

    1. The world needs it more than ever, right? Thanks John.

  4. Great website Christian. I am looking for help to lose weight, can feel4 help me?

    1. Hi Katie, of course, FEEL4 can help with anything. In a few weeks I'm going to go on a Keto diet myself and will be posting about it. I'd be happy to chat more with you about your dieting goal if you want to contact me direct, use the connect page.


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