How to live a contented life

Today's post is here to remind you how to live a contented life.
A contented life happens when you look to the things you have got rather than the things you haven't got
FEEL4 is more than a formula. It is a way of life.

Practicing it in everything you do makes you look at things differently. It promotes positive thinking and goodness.

One of the key things it has changed in my life is the focuses I have which make me feel better.

After forty odd years on this earth I can say that the things that make me feel better are those which I already have.

Don't get me wrong, it is important to stretch yourself and have goals to aspire to achieve. This pearl of wisdom is more about setting yourself a good mental base-camp for you to be in a strong and healthy position to go out and achieve your goals.

This is about finding inner peace and contentment.

And the quickest way to ensuring this is to be appreciative of the things you have already got.

It can be your family, your job, anything! Even your old mobile phone!

This is a simple way to think and you can grow this mental muscle by reminding yourself the next time you are thinking of wanting something which you do not have.

So for example, if you have an old phone and you see someone else with a new iPhone, stop yourself from feeling jealous. Look at your old phone and remember the day you got it. Take joy in the miracle of technology, how that old phone has helped you to communicate with so many of the people you love and cherish.

When you can truly "feel" the appreciation for the things you already have, then you will start to feel a change in your life. You will start to find inner peace and you will finally feel content.

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