How to deal with change

How to deal with change "Change is merely nature's way of colouring your life"

Seeing the leaves turning colour is a sign of a new season coming.

Change can feel daunting at times, especially if you like the stage you are in. From my many hours of selfhelp research on this it appears the main advice to keep you in a good mental state is to learn to let go. If you can let go then you start to go with the flow of life.
If you realize that all things change,
there is nothing you will try to hold on to.
In the 2500 year old Tao Te Ching text it denotes that resistance is what causes stress. Resistance is what will make you unhappy. But going with the flow will let you enjoy the full ride life has to offer. So if one season feels bad soon change will bring you a better one.

Enjoy every moment, no matter what you feel you are alive to feel it. Happiness will flow through you if you understand this truth.

Namaste ✋ Cn


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