How the kind actions of Ed Mylett create such important and lasting energy

I want to talk to you about the second step of the FEEL4 methodology. ENERGIZE!

Energy is everywhere. It emanates from the sun. It's in your breathing. Plants growing generate it ... Okay I better stop here before I get all Sesame Street on you ...

Oops too late! Sorry, any excuse to mention the Muppets or Sesame Street and I will take it!

Getting back to the point ... Energy is an essential step to master.

When you are on a FEEL4 path to achieving your goals and if you truly understand what energizes you to reach your destination, then you are going to be unstoppable!! [Over use of exclamations intended!!] ... You "will" achieve what you set out to do.

Knowing the difference between positive and negative energy is also vitally important. I wrote yesterday about using anger incorrectly; take a look here if you missed it.
The boomerang effect
The fascinating thing about energy is that it's like a boomerang. So in the case of anger, if you lash out with anger it tends to come back on you. Whereas if you turn anger into a mental resolve to be kind and help others, you will find that the kindness you give out also comes back. If not from the actions of the person or people you have been kind to, then from the feeling of goodness from being kind. Oh and sometimes it comes back multiple times over.

What I am trying to say here is that as well as energising yourself with a list of reasons why you want to achieve a goal, you should also be very conscious of the fact that you need to engage with acts of kindness because that feeling of goodness will also fuel you to keep on your path. Being kind leads to good outcomes.
Balance Daniel son is needed if you are to do the crane
Maintaining energy is all about balance. You should always be mindful that there is an inner mental workout you can do to keep you pumped up and motivated - PLUS - there is also the outward energizing you can do to help others and that unselfish outward energy will also fuel you.

And now to Ed Mylett and his kind actions.

Ed simply took the time out of his busy schedule to like a tweet and then he also commented on my reply.

These may seem simple acts but they can have a massive impact on the person receiving them. Especially when you admire the work of those interacting with you.

I first watched Ed on Tom Bilyeu's Impact Theory YouTube channel. Take a look:
As I am based in the very reserved stiff upper lip part of the world we call the United Kingdom, for me to one minute be watching self improvement legends that are Tony Robbins, Tom Bilyeu and Ed Mylett on YouTube and the next minute to see them reply to something I have taken the time to write ... Well, it just creates explosive energy.

I haven't stop smiling. Others benefit too. My daughter has a friend staying over tonight and whilst she was at her music lesson I ended up tidying her room. She came back and was ecstatic that she didn't have to do it. So she ended up being in a great mood and so the good energy spread.

Oh and then there is the thankful energy it generated. I went over to Ed's Twitter page and started liking his tweets.

What's the lesson (the 4th step of FEEL4)

The lesson is that every moment you get the opportunity to be kind to others then you should be kind. And if we are specifically talking about you walking a path to achieve your goal then you should always take good actions, these will lead you to amazing results.

Oh and by the way, going back to Sesame Street - look at why that programme is so addictive - the good and kind energy it generates is fantastic. I challenge you to think about any character and I bet a smile starts to spread over your face.

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