Even Ed Mylett is getting all FEEL4 on us

Don't play the video just yet! Read on first ...

Firstly if you don't already know who Ed Mylett is then take a peek at the below intro video.

As stated on YouTube:
Ed is one of the premier business leaders, peak performance experts and motivational speakers in the world. He has a passion for mentoring and coaching others on what it takes to become a champion in all areas of life. He has shared the stage with business legends such as Tony Robbins, John Maxwell and Phil Knight.
So what what has FEEL4 got to do with Ed?

In the above Passionate Few video interview Omar Elattar gets Ed to share his pearls of wisdom. You can clearly see Ed getting fired up as he shares his experiences and tips to being a successful entrepreneur, Ed wants to help others succeed. This passion is most evident at 19 minutes and 30 seconds into the interview.

At that point Ed shares his secret formula to success ...

But, before I mention it, let me break off and give those of you who have been following FEEL4 - and who understand its principles - a quick challenge ...
Listen carefully to what Ed says and tell me what aspects of FEEL4 he is describing.
Are you ready?

Go to the top of this post and click the play button on the video. Write down what Ed is describing in relation to the ethos of FEEL4 ...

Okay let's compare notes ... I have written mine in a FEEL4 path to show how Ed's comments are linked to and are describing each of the four steps.



"Your brain cannot process vanilla generic stuff ... so the more specific you are the more clear you are ... I mean precise ... The more specific you are the more your brain and you can go to work on attracting it"

This could not be a better example of how FOCUS is an integral and vital part of succeeding. That is why focusing is the first FEEL4 step. The whole idea of the first step is to make sure you know exactly what it is you want to do and to fine tune your understanding of it until your focus is as clear as if you have already achieved it.


"Here is what most people will not do, they will not take the time to invest the mental focus in why they are doing it, your compelling reasons why ... your why will always be greater than the price"

Another brilliant example of step two of the FEEL4 formula. It is great having a clear focus but if you do not understand why you want to achieve it, how can you expect to keep going.

Ed brings up the most powerful energizing factors which keep him focused and driven - his children.

"I've got two beautiful kids, I got a great family, there's no cheque you could write to sell those kids out ... I've linked my children's futures, my children's dreams, my kids someday seeing the best version of me, meeting the ultimate dad of theirs ... so my whys are linked to all of my goals"

Ed is successful because has a clear list of energizing factors as to why he should wake up in the mornings and pursue his goals.


At 32 minutes 44 seconds into the video Ed also mentions the power of engaging and listing out what things he needed to do to achieve the dreams he had and would ultimately lead himself down a path of where he wanted to go.

"What I would do is setup contests with myself, so over the next 6-8 weeks if I do X or Y, make this many sales, make that much money, hire this many people - whatever it is - it was when I was out there that I started to become more familiar with these places - the more familiar you are your mind gravitates to it, so I started to build familiarity with my dream, and just feeling what a rich man felt like, even if it was just for a day, an hour ... just touch it every 8 weeks, started to feel comfortable there and think that I deserved it, my best business ideas would happen on those weekends, my clarity of thinking, I started to think richer and more clearly"

Although strictly speaking steps 3 and 4 are more about listing out the specific actions you need to take to achieve your focus, those of you who have read the FEEL4 book will know that all of the steps also merge with one another in flow.

So what Ed is describing here is very much linked to step 2 and feeling inspired and energized - BUT - it is also very much about engaging and feeling progress happening and building on that FEELING. "Feeling" is the core of all of the FEEL4 steps - the entire purpose of the formula is to make you feel progress so that you feel better for the changes your are experiencing.

And the last step of the formula is about learning as you go along and improving your chances of success.

It is so exciting to share with you more proof that FEEL4 is the only formula you need to live by. Once you know about it you will see it in everything you do and you can then use it to your advantage to make yourself feel better.

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