I could not stop crying

Yesterday I watched episode 9 of 10 of the World War II TV drama series called Band of Brothers.

The scene starts off with some men on army patrol. They are walking through a pine forest. They are in Germany in 1945. The war is almost over. Those who have survived Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge are starting to think they might survive. That hopeful thought is making the scene even more anxious, especially as they have also been told Hitler's last stand of SS troops are in the area, ready to fight.

As the patrol walks deeper into the forest one of them remarks:
"Why is it so silent?"
Everyone stops walking and listens to an icy emptiness. They get ready with their weapons and cautiously move forward. The camera follows them from the front but does not show what they are walking toward. You see them reach a clearing in the forest and stop in a line. Their faces look haunted.

The video above shows some of the scenes the band of brothers witnessed.

The worst thing of all is this is a true story. This happened!

Watching the way the prisoners in the camp had been treated immediately impacted me. I have seen many films and documentaries about what the Nazis did in the holocaust, this was by no means the first time I had known about such atrocities, but the way this scene had been filmed was incredibly poignant.
Seeing things like this always has a powerful chain reaction in me. Seeing such pain instantly reveals the power which we all hold within us. The Power of Love. The power of never wanting to see anyone from any race be treated in such a way.

Looking upon each face (dead and alive) the empathy I felt burst out like a rainbow being released by the mixture of sun and rain. I felt nothing but love wanting to rush forward (and back through time), it's sole aim to dissolve the pain the Jews and other had experienced in those camps.

I cannot explain why other humans can allow such atrocities to happen but I can say that from another perspective of what all of "This" [Everything] is. AKA this thing called "Life". I can tell you that because of that pain in the camps the reverse was also true.

I strongly believe that if you were a god-like being able to view the history of love of the human race via a heat-map, you would be able to see something remarkable happening whenever such tragedies like the death camps occur. You would see that "Love" is actually shining the most when the darkest of evils occur. Outside of the human perspective Love conquers all and I absolutely know that the souls of all those affected are now at peace and understand why such things happened.

So what has this got to do with FEEL4?

FEEL4 is a way of life that encourages you to be a good person. To always take good actions. If only everyone would follow its code the world would have never seen a war and the violence that other people do in the name of religion would cease.

Seeing that Band of Brothers episode filled me with an overwhelming need to want to spread goodness. It may seem small but posting this is a step in the right direction. If I can get someone else to learn FEEL4 and spread positivity and goodness then it all helps move the world closer to peace.

Author: Cn



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