Who we are if we are not our thoughts

Who we are if we are not our thoughts

Hi Julia, thanks for the below comment you added on this other post: The window shade in your mind is hiding the real you:
"Christian can you explain a little more about who we are if we are not our thoughts? Surely as a human being we have to use our thoughts to understand what it is we are, right? I kind of get it but then don't because I am thinking about it!”
Julia, I warn you this could get deep :)

Okay so … The answer to this cannot escape the big debate about religion. So let me dive straight in.

Unfortunately, when one talks about religion one instantly divides the reader. “Divides” in the sense that the term “religion” will instantly trigger a defensive part of you which instantly sides with your own religion (belief). Your religion might be that of a Jew, a Catholic, a Buddhist, a Protestant, a Muslim or even a Jedi! Oh and let’s not forget the Atheists and all others.

Therefore mentioning religion is an instant way to cause friction. If you are a devout believer and are happy it can seem cruel if someone comes along and tries to tear you away from that belief. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a factual logic that everyone (no matter their belief) can comprehend.

The logic of Everything

The logic of Everything is beyond any one religion because the challenge any religion has is, one cannot physically prove their beliefs to others. So for example if someone is a Catholic and believes in Jesus Christ Almighty, unless they can make him appear in physical form right now and show others he can walk across water, it is very hard to prove that he is real. The same goes for Allah or the Buddha and the other aspects of all belief systems.

[Sidenote: The sad thing is that Religion itself is completely misunderstood. It should be considered a personal belief system that helps you get through life and guides you to always take good, kind and just actions. It is not about getting others to join you and if they don’t, to instigate a holy war.]

So keeping in mind that there are many religions and each one declares itself to be the “real” one, where do we find common ground and fact based logic?

The simple answer is, no matter what you believe it will sit within “Everything”.

This can be easier to understand if I say, whatever you can think of and whatever you can feel, all of these things are part of Everything, for example:

1. Dreams

2. Love

3. Religions

4. The Big Bang (Before and After)

5. Death

Thanks for being patient Julia, I am about to get to the answer for: Who we are if we are not our thoughts?

The answer is we are all one. We are connected to Everything. Think of it like you would a set of Russian dolls that stretch into infinity. "Everything" is what connects all the layers, whether each layer looks different it doesn't matter, together they are still one.

Bringing that latter metaphor back to religion, there may be many dimensions (inner dolls) besides what we see in this human life. This theory could mean that when you die you simply move into one of those (and yes it could be one called heaven with Jesus or Allah in it).

The point is, no matter where a human soul ends up (in life, death or wherever else) you will always be connected to Everything. Whilst you are alive in human form, you can easily be blinded from this fact. Your thoughts are habitually designed to never show you the real you and if they did you could arguably say your human brain would implode and you would no longer be in your present form. Think of it like waking up in the Matrix :) but instead of it being a place to escape it is a place you are content to stay in.

ULTIMATELY - no matter which dimension you end up in - no matter where your human imagination takes you in trying to work out the meaning of life and death - you are part of Everything. You are, we are, everything is one.

This last bit (if you truly understand it) will change your life forever

Your thoughts are simply part of the mechanics of being human. Having thoughts does not make a human any more important than a tree that stands and grows for thousands of years. It is merely your survival instinct and race loyalty that, if given the choice, would likely make you choose a human life over a tree. In such a choice "Everything" only sees both the tree and you as connected and one (in fact getting really deep Everything is you also hence there is no divide).

Ultimately - hidden from our conscious minds - and the power of thought - is the fact that we are just an expression of the oneness that I call Everything. Julia, I hope this answered your question.

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