Tyler Simmonds inspirational mental health speech

I LOVE YOU TYLER! And I haven't even met you.

Your speech is what FEEL4 is always talkin' about!

That's how you do it.

That's how you live life one step at a time and feel better for it.

That's how you inspire and help others.
Inspiration is an invisible emotional key that helps others unlock their destiny
Some Context...

To add a bit more context to anyone reading this, Tyler Simmonds just followed me on Twitter and so I have taken my first look at his website and videos. What Tyler shares in these medium immediately resonated with me and so here I am posting about them so you too can be impacted. His story will inspire anyone who feels they can no longer cope with their situation.

Regarding him following me on Twitter and my response, well ever since I have unfollowed so many people I am being extremely cautious about who I follow back.

I only follow people who genuinely inspire me and those who prove to be kind by interacting with my tweets and making kind comments.

I now don't follow people just because they have a blue verification badge. I need to know if they are worth following.

Tyler, you are most definitely worth following.

It is an honour to connect with you and to hear a fellow brother has endured hardship and come out the other side.

I love the fact in the video you are genuinely nervous. It makes it real. I feel your truth when you share your story.

Tyler I hope you don't mind but I have pulled a FEEL4 path which your video unravels as you talk. My aim is for your path to help others going through tough times; especially where anxiety is concerned.



Tyler is focusing on conquering his anxiety and depression and living a life without giving into fear and he is doing this day by day.


Tyler is energized to make this happen because...

...He knows that his family and friends look to him as a role model.

...He knows whenever negative thoughts try to knock him down that he can get back up because of those who love him.

...He knows his ongoing commitment to facing his fears makes his family proud and gives him self respect and confidence.

...He knows sharing his story will help others by showing them they are not alone and can improve their situation and feel better.


Tyler engaged and still engages with these actions and learnt (is learning) these lessons:

1. Tyler engaged with seeking help after trying to commit suicide as well as going on to study and improve his mind.

1.1 Tyler learnt that taking an overdose is never the answer to feeling like you no longer want to live. There is always a better life waiting for you.

1.2 Tyler learnt that just because you grow up in a stereotypical environment it does not have to shape who you become and how you feel throughout your life.

1.3 Tyler learnt that therapy helped him to understand that it is okay to feel different to those around you. It is okay and normal to feel anxious.

1.4 Tyler learnt that it helps to speak to people openly about his issues.

1.5 Tyler learnt that his family and friends never judged him but loved him for who he was no matter what negative thoughts told him.

1.6 Tyler learnt that just because the people you love believe in something like faith, it doesn't mean that is the only solution, there are many others that can work better for him personally.

1.7 Tyler learnt that it okay to feel pain, it is natural to feel pain, loved ones (like his grandfather) will pass away - it is a natural part of life - but you can survive it and feel their love energizing you to live a better life.

1.8 Tyler learnt that there are people out there who share a similar story and can help him to feel better.

2. Tyler engaged with facing his fear of being in a social situation and attended WE Day Atlantic 2017.

2.1 Tyler learnt that confidence is key to conquering anxiety.

2.2 Tyler learnt that constantly facing his fear is the key to defeating its hold on him.

3. Tyler engaged with creating videos.

3.1 Tyler learnt that doing something creative helps to provide a healthy outlet for emotional pain and gives him the ability to feel better in sharing moving images that will help others going through similar life situations.

3.2 Tyler learnt that there are others like him and he is not alone.
Final Words...

Tyler is living proof that you can recover from your darkest days. If you ever feel like giving up, that is exactly the time you should seek help.

Remember that your mind can lie to you, in fact it does most of the time where depression is concerned. One of the biggest lies is that you are too far gone to talk to people and or they will judge you even if you make contact. Truth is there are good people out there who understand and can help you rebuild your life. You are never alone.

Befrienders Worldwide can lead you to the support you need. Please find out more via their website www.befrienders.org.

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