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So my focus today is to find some genuinely free Twitter tools that will help me get rid of the huge list of people I have followed over the years. Why am I doing this?

Well on Thursday 12th of July Twitter decided to purge its database of millions of accounts that have been locked and were possibly spam.

In the blink of an eye my followers reduced from 96k down to 50.9k!

I always knew social networks were full of BS and fake accounts. I still think that they are. Why? Because I have more than one account on the same platform and I am certain other people do too. This means that (besides all of the genuinely fake robot/spam accounts) when the likes of Twitter and Facebook tell their board and shareholders that business is doing well because they have doubled their membership, they are reportng a very VERY dubious observation of the true facts. But anyway, I am not here to moan about the fake aspects of our modern world. I am here to help you find a free Twitter tool to bulk unfollow people…

But before I get to the nitty gritty, I must explain that after I got over the shock of losing half of my followers (by the way I have been on Twitter since it started so thought my followers were genuine) I soon realised the consequences.

Basically, because I had lost half of my followers and because I try and follow everyone who follows me to be thankful, I ended up with double the amount of people I was personally following compared to my own followers – this means I cannot follow anyone else until these two totals are at least equal to one another. So I need to get rid of half of those people I follow (sorry but Twitter has forced me to do this).

The latter is much easier to understand in mathematical terms:

96k Following + 50k Followers = I cannot follow people!


50k (or less) Following + 50k Followers = I can follow people!

Hence I have a genuine focus to find a free Twitter tool that will help me bulk delete who I am following quickly. If I do this one by one it can take weeks or longer!

If you too are finding yourself in this Twitter induced conundrum then I hope my path to finding these free tools helps you improve your situation.

So let’s get to it! The free unfollow tool…

OH WOW! What have I uncovered here. I am literally writing this live as I experience my FEEL4 path. Let me add everything into the four step formula to be consistent with FEEL4 practice:

Step 1 – FOCUS – I am focusing on finding a free unfollow tool for Twitter (ideally a bulk unfollow tool) and I want this done within the next few hours.

Step 2 – ENERGIZE – I am energized to get this done because once this bulk unfollow action is done I can follow people again. I am also keen to see if I can rise to the challenge of finding an absolutely free unfollow tool as most I have found are not free and only let you follow people one at a time!

Step 3 & 4 – ENGAGE & LEARN – I am engaging with:

> Searching Google for any free unfollow tool.
>> I am learning that Twitter doesn’t let companies unfollow in bulk (in the old days you could select all people you follow and unfollow them with one click!).
>> I am learning that many companies have jumped on the “make money out of this crappy Twitter rule” bandwagon and when they say you can unfollow it seems you can only do this one at a time and sometimes at a cost!
>> I am learning that as soon as you sign up to companies who say they have free tools they start spamming your email inbox with welcome messages.

> Looking at this Chrome Browser addon tool that I found in an article by sheer fluke.
>> I am learning that when you unfollow people (depending on the social media management tool they use) you may lose some of your followers.
>> I am learning it feels good to cleanse!
>> I am learning with this Chrome extension you can also automatically follow people, like tweets and retweet them – all from one click of a button, nice.

Free Twitter Tool To Bulk UnFollow


I will leave this here. My work is done. I hope you get as energized as I did on finding a tool that is both free and truly does bulk unfollow.

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  • Christian

    I am learning that the Chrome addon although automatic still takes a while to delete 10k+ of people I am following. So far it has taken a full day to delete 35k. But still better than me unfollowing one by one manually (this way I do not have to sit in front of the computer)! Just thought you would like to know how long it takes. I believe the program takes longer because it needs to adhere to the Twitter unfollow policy and so rather than a “select-all-delete” it has to do an auto delete one at a time and then pause and then start again. If you know different please let me know…

  • Christian

    Update: Just wanted to say the Chrome follow tool is great. It can also perform a “Follow-All” action automatically. This is especially great if you have a list of people you need to follow. I have a list with 350 people and so I just clicked “Follow All” and off the tool went. It is following the list even as I type this comment. Great. This is the link to the tool: just in case you can’t be bothered to scroll back up to the post.

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