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2023 is approaching fast. So fast, you may be reading this in 2023! Or later years!

I just wanted to take this time to wish you well in the year ahead.

Also, not sure why, but this time of year fills me with thoughts of magic and all of the potential magical things that can be unlocked by each and every one of us in the New Year.

What do I mean by magic? What has this to do with FEEL4?

Okay, it may help if I state that I believe magic is more than just the Harry Potter type waving of wands and chanting of spells. To me magic can be unlocked through all kinds of actions and focused words.

Have I lost you?

Okay bear with me.

For example. Let's use a very weird scenario I am about to make up!

Let's say an old lady called Ethel, who lives alone, has just woken up today and is having a bad time. Her body ached, and when she finally got to the bathroom she looked in the mirror and felt horrified at how old she looked.

Next in this very weird story (haha sorry), Ethel goes out to the mailbox to send a letter and on her way she bumps into you!

The great thing is, I am about to pass one of the secrets of magic on to you and you will use it on her.

Upon seeing her you begin your spell. You smile and look at her directly, catching her stare.

You walk over to her and utter more incantations in the way of, "Morning Ethel, it is GREAT to see you today," you stop for a moment to guague her reaction, and before she can reply you say, "WOW, have you had your hair done? Or something else, you look AMAZING today! I wish I could stay so young looking.".

Ethel, immediately finds herself under your spell. Her inner negative thoughts are immediately swept away by your positive and upbeat compliments. THE END!

In this made up scenario you used your words and physical interaction with Ethel in such a controlled way that the impact on changing Ethel's mindset is nothing more than MAGIC!

Can you see how, if you start to view words and actions in terms of casting magical spells on people, can you see how much power that gives you? Just think what else you can do now that you are aware of this.

So what has any of this got to do with FEEL4 and its impact on you in 2023?

As I have spelled (sorry) out here in my first book, FEEL4 is an INCREDIBLE natural formula that the more you use it, the more power you find in it. It changes how you approach life and guides you to successful and joyous outcomes (making you and others feel better).

In the previous example about magic, let me show you how the FEEL4 steps align:



I am going to focus on making Ethel (or it can obviously be one or many others) to feel good this morning when I see her.


I feel energized to make Ethel happy because Ethel has been and is a great neighbour, she lost her husband earlier this year and I know she is having a hard time.


1. I am going to engage with going to the mailbox at the same time as Ethel.

2. I am going to engage with smiling at her, as I know that smiling invokes a wonderful feeling in others who see it.

3. I am going to engage with complementing her like I would like to be complimented, saying something that will make her feel good.

I am going to watch and learn how she reacts and if she smiles back and if she engages in good conversation, showing she feels better, I am going to ask her what things make her happy and learn to do them more often.
When this is written down, it all looks so obvious, right?

That is the simplicity and power of FEEL4. It gives you solid tracks to run on and get to the destination you set. In this case the destination was making Ethel happy.

The FEEL4 book explains exactly how you can apply FEEL4 to your life, I recommend it wholeheartedly and know it will change your life and make 2023 the best year ever!

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett*


Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

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