Proof FEEL4 Does Work - Warning - Guaranteed You Will Smile When Reading This

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Are you smiling already?

The purpose of this post is to prove to you just how simple, powerful and successful FEEL4 is. Oh and did I mention it is 100% free to use?

If you haven't learnt the basics then I advise you click over to this page first [Learn FEEL4].

The one and only FOCUS today is to make you smile by the time you finish this post. So let's get started below (and remember it helps to read out each part of the formula to get the formula fizzing through your body):



I am focusing on smiling right now.


I feel energized to do this because I want to feel better. I want to see if I can touch my cheeks to my eyeballs (smile to see how true this is). I want to feel happy! I want to laugh! I want to see this formula works and if it does I will apply it to other goals.


I am engaging we doing these things:

1. I am engaging with opening my phone camera and selecting selfie mode.

2. I am making sure I have set the camera to see my face.

3. I am looking at my face.

4. I am forcing a smile whilst looking at my face reflected in the camera.

5. I am forcing a second smile whilst raising my eyebrows as high as I can.

6. I am forcing myself a third smile, while raising my eyebrows and shouting "Mr Bean"

7. I am now going to find the nearest person and smile, raise my eyebrows and shout "Mr Bean".

8. I am now smiling in embarrassment!

Whilst doing this I learnt that even though I didn't want to smile, I was able to change my state of mind by forcing a change in my physiology by forcing a smile. I learnt that when I actually did the exercise in front of another human being it made my body rush with emotions that although awkward they broke the ice and made me smile naturally without forcing it.
I realise this is a very silly FOCUS for you to do. I know some of you probably did not actually run over to someone due to embarrassment. However, this silly exercise demonstrates that FEEL4 is a natural tool you can use to achieve any focus you have, and to feel better for it. It will always lead you to an improved outcome.

FEEL4 is meant to be natural. Don't over think it. You don't have to use it to conquer the world. Even if you just repeat this silly exercise each day, what harm can making yourself smile once a day do? Soon you will find you are smiling all of the time.

Why not write your own FEEL4 path and see where it leads you.

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett



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