Why you may never cure your mental health issues

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FEEL4 is incredibly simple and powerful at helping you cure (or at the very least help you stay in control of) your mental health issues.

Did you know that in 2017 a total of 284 million people around the world had Anxiety disorders and 264 million people had depression?

I want to look at why this number is growing and what can be done to help anyone suffering with mental health issues.

First, let's think about the various reasons the number could be growing, here are some:
  • The population is also growing 
  • Due to the population growing there is less room and so people are more and more on top of each other causing stress, anxiety and depression
  • Perhaps people are just being diagnosed more
  • Maybe people are simply more aware of mental health issues....
The list can grow so let's stop there.

I think the last line is very interesting: "People are more aware of mental health issues". Is there something in the fact that because people are now being made aware of conditions via daily news stories and social media that their thoughts turn to such things and start to assimilate what they are experiencing into having a mental health condition? In the past, perhaps most people just thought they were having a tough time and moved past it without needing a diagnosis? 

I realise this is a very sensitive topic. I believe I have earned the right to point these things out because I have suffered with anxiety my whole life. I know a lot about it.

Cutting out anyone who has serious mental illnesses caused by physiological conditions, I know for sure that raising "awareness" is actually leading to raising "numbers"!


Because if I tell you right now not to think of a BIG PINK ELEPHANT IN A SWIMMING COSTUME.... I bet your mind is one step ahead and you did just that. I would even progress this statement to say that you are still thinking about a BIG PINK ELEPHANT IN A SWIMMING COSTUME!

Bringing this back to FEEL4 and how you can start building a mental and physical path to beating your mental health issues, let me mention step 1 - to FOCUS. 

You are what you focus on!

If you are constantly searching the internet for keywords like "Anxiety" and "Depression" guess what is the focus of your mind, constantly!?


When you use FEEL4 learn to change your focus from:
  • I want to focus on beating my anxiety by the end of this month!
and instead change it to something like:
  • I want to focus on deadlifting 100kg by the end of this month!
Why dead lifting?

It doesn't have to be deadlifting, it should be something that is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Exercise is a great one. Your diet is another. You could even undertake two or more FEEL4 paths at once:
  • I want to focus on deadlifting 100kg by the end of this month!
  • I want to focus on eating my 5 a day of fruit and greens by the end of this month!
Focus on something that does not constantly remind you of the trigger words of your issue. Try to not mention anxiety or depression in your mind or openly to others.

This small change to the way you tackle a mental health issue will dramatically put you on the right path to beating those thought gremlins.

Hope this has helped you. Take care of yourself. Please share this on social media and to friends as it will help boost this website's internet ranking. 



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