3 Step COVID19 Infection Breathing Technique

3 Step COVID19 Infection Breathing Technique

Today's FOCUS for FEEL4 is as follows: I want to focus on what breathing techniques will help me if I get infected with COVID19.

I naturally feel very ENERGIZED to achieve this focus because I don't want anyone to die from COVID-19. By sharing this advice it may save a life. I am pumped to want to get this information out there.

A Doctor and Director of Nursing from Queens NHS Hospital gave this video advice for those wanting to cope with a COVID-19 infection. To help with breathing and fighting the negative effects of the infection.
If you want to be able to quickly see the advice at a glance, here it is: 

Step 1. Take 5 DEEP breaths in and hold each one for 5 seconds before moving on to the next breath. 

Step 2. On the 6th deep breath you take it in and do a BIG cough (ensure you cover your mouth and nobody is near you). Repeat this step twice. 

Step 3. Next lay your body over a stack of pillows (under your chest stomach area so you are being leaned forwards face down) or other object, such as a beanbag, and rest your arms by your head, with your chest lower than your hips. (Lying on your back during infection can close off the lungs). When in position take deep normal breaths that do not feel forced.

Additionally if you are like me you might also want to know other breathing techniques.

This is where Healthline.com has come up trumps.

This ARTICLE THEY WROTE tells you how to clear your lungs of mucus by performing postural drainage. Postural drainage is simply a way to lay your body so that you can breath correctly and give your lungs the best chance to clear.

I wish you well and hope this post helps you stay healthy. Take care. 

NB: You should always seek medical advice for your own circumstances before undertaking any suggest technique. 

Author: Christian Jacques Bennett



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