There is always a path to something better

There is always a path to something better

I think I am becoming obsessed with paths :)

Paths are what FEEL4 is all about. Paths help you set goals to walk towards.

Taking the FEEL4 steps will automatically lead you down a path.

Most importantly, when it comes to mental health I feel it is incredibly important to be aware of the power of paths.

Especially so when you are going through a tough time. Maybe your anxiety levels are going through the roof, perhaps you are constantly depressed and you cannot seem to escape the sad feelings.

At times when your mind feels like it cannot cope it is vital to be aware of paths.

FEEL4 is simply awesome at helping you to create paths. It does it naturally. Let me make this clearer.

So let's, for example, say you are feeling depressed. You feel there is no way out, nothing you have tried has worked and nothing is going to make you feel better, you just want to end it. Now what? Where do you go? Nobody seems to be caring or listening...
First thing is first, your mind is lying to you!
I think it is important to first state that your mind is lying to you. Our minds are just a part of who we really are. Your mind will sometimes vomit out the biggest load of crap you can ever smell. Frustratingly it is very easy to listen to it. To keep smelling the BS and make your life feel more and more trapped.

Sometimes you have to use another part of your brain. The survival side. The side that says "OI! OVER HERE, YOU DO NOT WANT TO KEEP FEELING LIKE THIS". And once you listen to that part of your mind you will be able to see that a path is what you need.

For someone with depression (note, legally this is not medical advice etc so please seek help from your own specialist) I have created the following example path to inspire you to create own.



I am focusing on building and walking a path that will make me feel happier and I am doing it right now (Note how it is best to focus on positive wording so instead of saying "I am focusing on not being depressed" you should use "Focusing on feeling happier"; this in itself brightens up your mood [even if you do not think it does, remember your mind - the depressive part - is lying to you!]).

***Note how it is good to add some energizing images, music etc to your energizing path - try and revisit step 2 as much as you can and whenever you need a boost to keep you going towards your focus***

I feel energized to do this because:

1. I cannot wait to feel, to literally feel (something, anything)! To feel the sun on my skin, to feel a sense of happiness that something good is going to happen to me.

2. I want the people I love to notice the difference and start to give me compliments. I want people to want to hang out with me.

3. I will be able to go out into the world and do things that are fun.

4. I cannot wait to smile and feel its joy inside me.

Your list of things that motivate you to want to achieve your focus is personal, add anything that gets you pumped to want to press ahead. It may be you want to find a partner, or prove a point, or just stay alive... whatever it is - list it out - let it remind you why you want to do this!


I am going to engage with the following activities and learn positively how to improve my situation:

1. Right now I am going to find out who I can confidentially talk to about how I am feeling.

1a. I have made the following list of people and organisations I can contact:

1aa. My doctor. The Samaritans. My mum. My dog (even if he doesn't reply it makes me feel better!). My friend on Facebook. [Obviously this is an example, your list will differ but this gives you an idea]

2. Right now make contact with one of the above people and tell them how you feel.

2a. I have learnt that my friend was really kind and sympathetic, I hadn't realised it but they also get depressed. We are going to plan a trip somewhere that will cheer us up. I have learnt that just thinking about this has already made me feel better, I feel listened to and less alone in my head.

3. Plan a trip to Disney World with my friend, booking it right now.

3a. I have learnt that if you actually apply yourself to something you can make quick changes to your circumstances. We have booked a date to go to Disney this winter. I feel hopeful of this trip and my friend and I have agreed to meet up once a week to chat about it.

4. List out some exercises I like to do, right now.

4a. Walking my dog on the beach. Frisbee. Swimming.

4aa. I have learnt that again if I apply myself I can walk out of my depression towards happier moments. I have found a local Frisbee club and will go there on the weekend. I have asked my friend to go swimming with me and they have accepted. I just took my dog outside and feel slightly better for having done so, I am learning just doing stuff instead of thinking about doing it makes a huge difference.

5. I am going to sit with my face to the sunshine for at least 10 minutes a day doing breathing exercises (like those of Wim Hoff).

5a. I have learnt that although it is not sunny today, I have ordered some vitamin D and this SAD light box / sun lamp.

I am using FEEL4 to do all this! ;)
I realise that if you have severe clinical depression caused by a physical abnormality in your brain then the above path may not be what you need. In such a case your path would look different and should involve contacting others who have gone through what you have and come out the other side, your path should ideally be created from lessons learnt (the plan for FEEL4's community is to share paths so you can look them up and start walking them yourself).

Depression was just one example, this path could easily have been applied to anything else.

Take care today, speak with you in the discussion forum (link below) or on my social media if you want to find out more about FEEL4 and how it applies to your own situation.

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