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Hi, this video is all about "Danica Patrick. She is the most successful female race-car driver ever. And when she burst onto the scene, she attracted a level of attention and pressure that would have crushed the average person. But instead of faltering or quitting, she thrived. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Danica Patrick shares the most valuable lesson she ever learned, discusses the process towards authentic self-belief, and explains how she achieves such incredible focus.".

Yes! Yes! YES! Regular readers of the FEEL4 blog are hopefully already picking up on some FEEL4 words. Focus! Successful! Lesson! Learned! Achieves!

Okay I will stop with the exclamation marks but I get so excited when FEEL4 bursts to the surface of someone's advice. It is yet more proof to start applying FEEL4 methodology to your life.

Back to the video interview. As usual I wanted to break down the path that Danica Patrick shares so you can use and tweak it. Ready? Let's do this:



I am focusing on how to win, especially in relation to ... [you add here what it is you want to win at and when you want to start seeing results]


I feel energized to want to do this because ... [list out anything you can think of that makes you feel motivated and will also help keep you in a healthy state to attain your focus]


To be a winner I am going to learn and engage with this advice from Danica:
  1. [4m54] You have to be really passionate about something and want it so much that it pushes you when things get difficult. When things get difficult try harder, dig deeper.
  2. [5m35] To keep going and change metaphorical gears, you have to dream how far you can go and you must keep focused over time. [7m00] You have to believe in yourself. Find something that you really want. Just get going, don't stop, if you don't get caught up with any of the challenges that get in your way then nothing will stop you from achieving your goal.
  3. [9m14] To make progress do not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. It is okay to feel scared. Being scared and being excited are the same thing, the only difference is how you want to interpret that feeling, negatively (scared) or positively (excited).
  4. [11m40] To keep focused and shut other distractions out you have to work on it. Focus on one activity at a time and do your best. Do not leave things to chance, stay on your path and don't let anything take you off it, program yourself to get defensive if anything tries to take you away from your dream.
  5. [14m00] Keep up your energy levels at all times on your journey to your goal. Thoughts to do nothing should be expelled from your brain, instantly. What you are focusing on should ideally feel organic. It should feel natural to be attaining your goals. The more you love what you do the more you will automatically feel energized each day to do what you have to do. Feeling passionate about something also encourages others to help you on your journey to winning. Enjoy what you do. You must truly believe in what you are doing.  
  6. [18m35] Use your intuition. Your gut instinct. What you do should feel right. You have to learn how to identify the flow of life, this is something that takes time but can be come if you are self aware. Learn that sometimes you have to stop trying to achieve something because there are other things you could be doing which suit you more.
  7. [20m51] Learn that change is a natural part of achieving your goal. Be ready and pay attention to how you feel about a situation. Know which activities will need you to push most. Know which activities you have to do to achieve your goal will count most. Put all your effort into them.
  8. [23m55] Make sure you want to reach the finish line. Be confident that when you have achieved the activities needed to get to your goal that you are going to be able to authentically believe you can achieve your goal. Let passion fuel you. Have the right goal. Make sure your brain is trained for success, do this by listening to the right people, the right books, programmes, whatever you have to do get your brain believing you can achieve your goal.
  9. [26m28] Learn to visualise, this helps train your brain. See yourself as a winner having already walked the path you are on to achieve your goal.
  10. [28m57] You must protect you energy. Be aware not to get yourself in an unhealthy state that will affect your ability to progress towards your focus. Do not allow negativity into your mental space. Remain focused and positive.
  11. [31m00] To develop a fearless instinct remind yourself to look ahead, focus constantly on your goal, do not be deterred. Look where your eyes go. Whatever you set your point of reference on you will go. Think positive thoughts so that your social frequency also gets picked up by like minded individuals who can help you succeed.
  12. [33m06] Write down what things work for you and what don't. Journal. Writing things down will help you work things out and come up with a better way to harness things to push you closer to winning. Journaling also helps you to control your focus.
  13. [35m33] Get spiritual. Having believe and faith make you feel unstoppable. Get yourself into an empowered state of mind.
  14. [37m29] Learn to let go of unhealthy thoughts. Do not get attached to an idea that has been in your head for a long time if progress it not being made. Accept change can be positive and can bring you more opportunities to succeed.
  15. [39m29] Finally, always believe achieving your goal is possible. It is!
If you have read the FEEL4 book you will be smiling at how much of this advice is reflected in the text.

Hope this advice helps you to win at whatever it is you want out of life.

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