Use FEEL4 to de-stress

Use FEEL4 to de-stress Today I want to talk about how I use FEEL4 to de-stress myself from the week before.

It's been a mad week. Very stressful at times. So it's a very important part of practising FEEL4 to create a focus that will not only de-stress me but also re-energize me for the week ahead.

Today I made my focus to be this: "I am focusing on going somewhere wild and different, somewhere not many people go and somewhere I'll feel as far away from the office as possible." My energizing factors are: To feel better, to feel like I've had a mini break, to feel energized so that I can do my best next week, to feel joy and hope, to be reminded there is more to life than work.

Next I engaged by choosing a walk I hadn't been on for ages. Then I got in the car and drove there!

Finally I have learnt that it worked! It has helped snap me out of office mode. I feel invigorated and looking forward to the rest of the weekend.

For you too, using FEEL4 is a great way to improve your life. If you don't like nature then do the thing you love, maybe book a quick city break, visit an art gallery.

De-stressing is crucial to your wellbeing and weekends are a great time to do it.

Namaste ✋

Author: Cn



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