Time to clear the air of any FEEL4 BS

Time to clear the air of any FEEL4 bullshit

I like coming across other people who share their love of self improvement and I especially like to check out their website and how they share their message to others.

With this in mind I saw someone had started to follow me whose bio mentioned similar interests to my own.

So I clicked to their profile page and seeing a link to a website I clicked to take a look.

Let me go off script for a moment and just add that being born in the UK, we Brits tend to be massively sceptical of hype. If we see an ad with "Be rich in 10 days" or "The best formula ever" type of copy written, then the BS detector alarms start sounding and we move swiftly on.

Going back to the website I was visiting for the first time, I was intrigued to see how I would react to the copy. Especially as like the FEEL4.com website this other site was saying they wanted to "help me live the best life possible".


That word just exploded out of my thoughts. But why did I get the BS alarm bells reaction when I love self improvement so much? Why did I just not accept this person wants to help me live the best possible life?

Well one main reason was... as soon as I landed on the home page I was greeted with a big pop-up banner to join the website and purchase a course which would "help me live the best life possible".

To me, anyone who is asking for my money straight away is immediately suspected of BS. In fact I get really frustrated when people ask for money - if I just get one more Twitter auto message saying to buy an album or book!

I suddenly felt a bit sick at the thought FEEL4.com might be giving off that same BS impression too? Are people seeing my posts and thinking, "FEEL4 what? What kind of mumbo jumbo is this? Oh and there you go, I see he wants me to buy the book!".

So I felt there was only one way to clear the air once and for all of any FEEL4 BS. To explain, for those who may have misunderstood the message about FEEL4, that the brand is here to help you feel better by offering you ways to improve your life and if it can do it for free it will.

Yes there is a shop page! Yes there is a link to buying a book! BUT - the course is free. Every blog post is free. The shop and the book are just there as an option. They will add value. The book will teach you things that will pay for the book price many times over.

I hope you don't smell BS when you see FEEL4. By all means contact me, ask me questions. Discuss things in the forum. Find out that my intentions are real.

Having dealt with phobias all of my life, having experienced one of my worst fears ever (losing my wife and family) something which I will have to live with it for the rest of my days, I am a very humble person. I genuinely want to help improve people's lives. FEEL4 has helped me out of the darkest of times, it has always improved my situation and I want to share that power with you..... Oh god that just sounded cheesy didn't it!? Sorry.

Ultimately I just want to make people - you - feel better with the content I kick out and by sharing the techniques I have learnt about using FEEL4 in my everyday life.

If you want be a silent follower until you realise I am the real deal, that would be awesome. Or if you want to make contact right now, join the forums, or connect with me on social media, that will also be great. I can't wait to hear from you.

Basically I cannot wait to make you feel better and improve your life. No cheesiness intended!

Author: Cn



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