Rays of hope always appear through clouds of pain

Rays of hope always appear through clouds of pain

What I love about studying human #psychology - especially my own - and the desire to engineer ways to improve my life, is the ability to be consciously aware of my thoughts and feelings.

I especially love it when I feel happy as I'm keen to understand why.

My #divorce had a massive impact on my happiness, as to me family is everything. Since then it has been fascinating to see how #FEEL4 has helped me build #paths that make me #feelbetter.

Today as I looked up at the rays of sun poking through a cloud, I realised those rays represented my current feelings.

I've been chatting to someone on a dating site, someone I fancy, and it is incredible how it acts like rays of sunshine. The feeling of someone being interested in me again, it fills me with hope and happiness.

Now I know dating site chats don't always lead to anything but I'm more interested in the fact I feel better. That alone can be bottled. I have come to #learn that anyone can find #happiness no matter how #hurt they are.

Know this if you are hiding amongst the clouds of your pain and look to using #FEEL4 to build paths that radiate sunshine into your life.

Namaste ✋

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