Is there really evil in the world

Is there really evil in the world

Is there really evil in the world? I think there is but I think such evil comes in many forms. Some evils may seem trivial but the long term consequences are horrific.

I'm specifically talking about #littering. Every day on my #walks through #nature I witness more and more cases of blatant littering.

Am I being extreme by labelling people evil for littering? To be clear I am talking about the act itself and the facts speak for themselves. For example, if people carry on dropping plastic and litter they are literally going to kill the #planet.
If you were found guilty of poisoning someone you'd be put in prison.
But hang on ... Isn't supposed to make people #feelbetter? Of course. The great news is there is #goodness in the world. There are people like us who bother to put the #litter in the bin and pick up after those who disregard caring for the planet.

Being #good is in all of us, even those who drop litter. All it takes is a decision, so please the next time you want to drop a piece of plastic, choose goodness and find a bin!

Namaste ✋

Author: Cn



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