How to stop fearing change in your life

How to stop fearing change in your life

Feeling scared for no apparent reason can feel daunting. Not sure if you've experienced this feeling but I get it from time to time.

Today I just feel scared. It feels like things are changing everywhere and I'm not in control. I feel sad.

But the reality is there is always a reason you feel this way. The important thing is you don't have to know what that reason is.

This is where having a faith in something will give you both strength and hope. Thankfully form me #FEEL4 is unintentionally becoming my religion or for want of a better word, my life philosophy.

FEEL4 has a code of conduct to always be positive. To always think about goodness. Therefore I quickly remind myself of this and I #feelbetter knowing that any changes will bring new growth into my life. New opportunities to experience all life has to offer.

And like the stormy sky this morning, I know that there will always be beauty to be found in the change.

I hope this post helps you feel better today.

Namaste ✋

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