Besides death there is one thing we can all guarantee will happen

This self improvement fact is one of my favourites. Especially as paths are a very core part of attaining goals using FEEL4.
It is impossible to complete a path if you stop walking it
It is also one of the four code of conduct rules which you agree to whenever using FEEL4.

There are several ways to can restate that rule but the fact remains all point to the truth. The truth that if you quit trying to achieve attaining a goal then you will always fail.

What is exciting is that the opposite is also true.

If you set yourself a focus you want to achieve then if you are determined, if you never lose focus (or at least you learn to adapt and re-focus if taken off course) then you will always achieve your goal.

This is a fantastic thought and feeling.

Do you realise that whatever you want in life, you can physically achieve.

Don't believe me? Okay let's take a real life example. How about Andrew Carnegie?

Watch his life story here or read on...
Andrew was born in Scotland (1885) and lived humbly in a weavers cottage. It was shared with the neighbouring family. His family was certainly not wealthy and when he went to the USA and became and immigrant he was financially starting from ground zero.

But like thousands (possibly millions) of other people who have proven they can achieve the impossible. Andrew went on to become the world's richest man! Not that money is everything, and that fact was never so poignant by the fact Andrew was a philanthropist and gave most of his money away. He only ever had a small salary to live on and was focused firmly on helping his fellow man.

Now I know I just wrote only a few sentences, and in this internet age we are all guilty of reading something and forgetting about it. But I would like to ask you to really try and think about what Andrew would have gone through in his journey to better himself. Just like you and me he would have had bad days.

The key difference was he never gave up on his determined focus to make money and help others.

As I say, his is one story of many, and you too can definitely achieve your goals with the same mindset and spirit.

So my objective for this post is to get you feeling better and buzzing about this fact. What you want is waiting for you... but one thing is absolutely certain, if you give up you will never succeed.

I can't wait to read more success stories and see more people on YouTube sharing their amazing achievements, and hopefully one day I will see your name!

Take care today!

Author: Cn



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