Always exciting to see evidence that FEEL4 makes you live longer

FEEL4 makes you live longer

I read on the BBC News the other day that an optimistic outlook means you live longer!

What really excited me about the scientific study is it highlights the benefits of learning and practising the FEEL4 steps in your every day life.

You see this is the code of conduct that you must abide by when using the FEEL4 steps:

You must always think positively – about every part of the formula – positive thinking is the foundation of FEEL4 – especially so when facing difficulties.
You must always take “Good” actions – by being good you will generate goodness from within and without and in generating goodness you will help others improve too.
You must always do your best – by doing your best you will give yourself the greatest chance of success.
You must never quit - it is impossible to complete a path if you stop walking it.

The first one is especially where the news about optimism fits in.

I have found through experience of practising the steps that the more I enforce this code the more I benefit emotionally.

One example is how the other day I stubbed my toe on something. Pain shot through me and my first instinct was to curse and get angry at whatever it was I ran into and at myself for doing so... But because I practise FEEL4 daily and the code has become a part of my thinking, I almost instantly calmed myself down and let myself go with the flow. I turned the situation around by looking at the positive reason it had happened. I reflected that I had been working hard with hardly any breaks and that this was nature's way of telling me to take one! So I made myself a hot drink and sat down for five minutes.

After the five minutes of blissful nothing I realised that I felt so much better. I actually was thankful for the fact I had hit my toe!

This is a very basic but clear example of how living a FEEL4 way of life works to make you feel better about any situation you face. It also generates an important byproduct of being optimistic which is what you need to live longer. What is not to like?

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