Started using Instagram here is what I learnt

Started using Instagram here is what I learnt

I am not going to lie. I feel a little embarrassed.


Because I love digital. Don't get me wrong I love nature too. But I love the opportunities being connected digitally brings.

I have been using Twitter since it started. Same with Facebook. And I suppose that is why when Instagram came along I was like "Hmm, all it does is post things just like the other things I am using ..." and so I left it at that.

I did actually create an account ages ago but I just didn't use it. At that time mobiles were a different price, the cameras were crap and lots of other reasons. So I left Instagram alone.

Things have suddenly changed and wow am I feeling energized by this new lease of social media life.

Oh and side-note - Gary Vaynerchuk has been going on about Instagram's dominance for years, I could kick myself now I have lost my Instagram virginity.

So anyway! Yes, as of yesterday (9 Jul 2019) I starting using Instagram. Here is my account (remember it is still new)

Straight away I realised there is quite a bit to learn (step 4) and so I wanted to share my FEEL4 path with others so they too could benefit from my experience.

To explain further, this path means that whenever you need to know how to use Instagram you can just read through and get my tips.



I am focusing on how to use Instagram as soon as possible.


I feel energized to do this because I want to be able to share my life with others. To feel connected. To get the FEEL4 message out there.


I am engaging with these activies:

1. I am doing a general YouTube search for a quick explanation of Instagram.

1a. I have found this one video seems better than all the rest. It is by Sue B. Zimmerman. Take a look.
1b. From watching the video I have learnt that:

- To set up a new account you can do so via an existing Facebook account, a phone number or an email.

- Then you need to create a username. Makes sure that username represents what you want it to represent (e.g. you business or just you). Tips if your username is not available is to use punctuation and keep trying variables until you get one you love.

- Next you will need a great avatar which is 110 by 110 pixels. Makes sure the part of the image you want people to see is central to the photo so it is not cut off by the edges.

- Also note that you can use hashtags in your bio which are clickable, so use the most appropriate ones to suit your brand message.

- In terms of making a good first impression, you only get 3-6 seconds to do that. So making sure your bio tells people exactly what it is you want them to know is essential to your profile getting the right followers.

- If you want to use a "Business Account" you can do so by tapping on the menu bars (top right) > tap settings > in options scroll until you see "Switch to Business Profile". Obviously if you are using social mainly for a business then use this option. You will get more relevant business options to use with such an account.

- Once setup start to click around and discover what options you can use.

- Glorious hashtags #### and how to use them. This video takes you through it:
- Tip: try and make sure a photo of you smiling is shown every 9th post - this is because people tend to look at images around this magic number when they land on Instagram. Also make sure your photo includes relevant visual of what your brand is trying to offer.

- Stories! Instagram Stories [ also check out THIS awesome blog post ] is a feature that lets users post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours!! Don't worry you can still see them depending on your settings. You also have an archive of all the photos and videos you take and from there you can share your old stories with others.
- The main link I found to be very quick to run through and help guide through the use of Instagram was - you guessed it - Instagram's own help centre. Here is the link for all your Instagram needs:

2. Besides sharing the learning curve of actually using the software with you, I also want to share the self improvement lessons I have learnt. The things that have brought a smile to my face.

- I am finding that unlike Twitter or Facebook somehow using Instagram on your phone makes you feel a little more confident to hold your phone up and take a photo or video. I know that doesn't really make sense but it is how I feel and FEEL4 is all about that, right? I think it maybe because it is actually fun working your way through all of the features. For example when you take a photo there is a menu of options to choose from. You can take just a basic photo or you can add all kinds of effects like rewind. Rewind lets you film something and then it rewinds :) stupidly addictive!

- For me personally, I am also finding how it is unlocking the creative side of me. I have always been into photography but now I am kind of mixing all my passions of presenting, photography, art etc all into making my photos stand out. So my advice to those of you who don't use Instagram yet is to try it out.

I may add to this path as I get more experience of Instagram but for now it should act as a great one-stop page to bookmark and come back to if you want to get to grips with Instagram fast.

That's it from me. As always I hope you are having a good day, if not drop me a message and let's see if FEEL4 can't put a smile on that good-looking face of yours!

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