How Jonna Jinton energizes her soul with nature and why you should too

OMG ... I mean where do I begin with someone like Jonna?

I think she has to start this off ... take a look at her video of who she is and what she lives for:

I stumbled across Jonna's YouTube Channel at the end of 2018 and my first vision of her was watching her undress and climb into an ice cold lake. As you can imagine both her heartbeat and mine raced at the experience.

Let me just come in here and say "Hi Johan"!

Johan is Jonna's fiancee and soon to be husband (Congratulations! You probably are wed by the time this is published). Johan so you don't feel uncomfortable when I talk about racing heartbeats and Jonna let me add that my heart races when I see you doing your silversmithing too!

Watching Jonna share her life is truly energizing for me and reading her video comments it seems to be the same for many people. I especially get excited when I hear her talk about the FEEL4 steps.
Do you feel it?
If you click on the top video you will hear that Jonna says at 7 mins 32 secs in "Do you feel it?". She then goes on to reflect on that moment later on (8 mins 30 secs) by saying "I feel like it is giving me so much energy and inspiration".

These quotes are perfect examples of the lifestyle practising FEEL4 brings you.

As you work your way through the FEEL4 steps (aka a path) you are always feeling the change you wish to see. You are placing yourself in good situations, or at least seeing the positive side to bad situations, so you feel better for the experience.

It is my own passion in life to help others feel their life changing for the better. Hence I am writing this post to SHOUT OUT HOW AMAZING FEEL4 IS for you!

Jonna is one of my favourite YouTubers because you can see in her videos that she is feeling her way to a better life each day - but most importantly - she feels and appreciates each moment of the journey.

Jonna I just want to thank you for inspiring me and many others. Your videos help us reflect on nature and its incredible powers.

For those of you who live in the city but want to try and lead a Jonna Jinton type lifestyle I have devised this FEEL4 path for you to tweak so you too can enjoy all that nature has to offer.



I am focusing on living a Jonna Jinton lifestyle, starting today.


Jonna Jinton FEEL4

I feel energized to do this because I want to feel the joy and refreshing feeling being in nature has to offer my body and mind. I want to ebb away any stress that my job gives me sometimes. I want to feel in awe at sunsets and sunrises and realise that I am part of something incredible.


To achieve my focus I am going to engage with these things:

1. On my way to work - or wherever I go - I am going lookout for and take time to appreciate what nature has to offer.

1a. I have learnt so far that even though I live in the city there is a lot of nature to see and distract me from the hustle of city life. I have learnt that when you look out for things like trees and insects you start to notice them everywhere and that makes you feel as though you are surrounded by nature rather than buildings and cars.

2. At least once a day I am going to engage with walking through a park and enjoying all of the beauty it has to offer.

2a. I have learnt that parks are a great way to find nature in the city. I have learnt that taking my shoes off and placing my bare feet on the grass really helps me feel like I am connected to nature. I have learnt it is good to touch things (as long as it doesn't risk destroying them) such as touching the bark on the trees in the park. I have learnt to pick up fallen things like pine cones and take them back home so I can still enjoy the reminder of nature. I have learnt that taking photos is a great way to bring my lunch time nature experiences back into the office, which is great when I am in a stressful meeting and just want a reminder of the healing properties nature has to offer me.

3. Once a weekend I am going to take a trip into the countryside and fully engage with the experience.

3a. As with the park lessons learnt, I have found taking photos helps carry on the experience of my country walks when I am back home in the city. I have learnt also how much better I feel by being amongst nature.

4. I am going to get myself a pet that suits my lifestyle.

4a. I have learnt that my new dog has shown me unconditional love. Being with her has increased the amount of time I spend outside and I feel better for it. I have learnt that having a dog helps me meet other nature loving people.

5. I am going to add house plants in every room of my house.

5a. I have learnt that by having house plants around me I feel even more part of nature. I feel a difference in my wellbeing. I feel more relaxed as I water and care for them.

6. I am going to take up a hobby / craft that takes me away from using too much digital in my life.

6a. I have learnt that basket weaving is great fun. I have learnt that I can sell the baskets I have made and I have started and online shop doing what I love as an extra income. I have learnt that trying new things has made me feel better and improved my lifestyle.
So there you have it. If you come up with a better path then by all means share it in the new discussion forum.

I hope Jonna will inspire you as has me. Namaste.

Author: Cn



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