Focus on saving the world with one piece of litter

Focus on saving the world with one piece of litter

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If your focus is to make this world a cleaner place then it might seem a daunting goal.

How does one person make the entire world a cleaner place?

First let's nail the solution by thinking about project management. Why? Because a project can have a very challenging aim, but the way to reach that aim is to break it down into small tasks that are achievable. By accomplishing each task you build a path to succeed.

That is exactly how FEEL4 works too. It takes an overarching focus and gets you to walk toward it. And every time you achieve something you feel better. Every time you don't achieve something you feel better because you learn something new that can help you correct your course.

So let's take a look at how you can make this world a cleaner place using a path.



My focus is to make this world a cleaner place starting today.


FEEL4 environment

I feel energized to do this because if I and everyone else does not clean the world up we will all die!!! Is there any better incentive?! I don't want the people I love to breathe air so polluted they gag.

I want to keep on seeing beautiful nature thrive around me not wither and die. I want to be able to walk into the streets and the country and see no litter.

I want to be able to see people inspired to do their part and for a community mentality to be formed into cleaning up litter whenever they see it and supporting environmental causes. I want to hear teenagers telling their friends to pick up their litter and never see a car window open to eject rubbish into the road.

I want to wake up and hear on the news that the planet is in good shape and near extinct species are thriving once again.


I am going to take these actions to help make the world a cleaner place:

1. I am going to pick up at least one piece of litter a day.

1a. I am learning that if you pick up one piece of litter you feel better, you feel goodness buzzing through you, you also tend to then look around and pick up more, plus you inspire others who see you doing it.

2. I am going to search google for local litter picking groups and make contact to see how I can help.

2a. I am learning that joining such groups helps me feel fulfilled and part of something bigger than myself. Being amongst others who feel the same is inspiring.

3. I am engaging with contacting my local politician and asking if there is anything I can do to support a cleaner environment.

3a. I learnt that I actually knew more about the local environmental causes than my local politician and so I shared my knowledge and they want to meet me to discuss it.

4. I am engaging with searching YouTube for inspiration, to hear and see stories of others who are helping the world.

4a. I have found great inspiration and learnt that adding comments to videos can lead to finding other people to add to your network. Here is one video that has inspired me to keep energized:
5. I am engaging with recycling as much as I can.

5a. I have learnt that it is important to make sure you know what packaging goes in which bin so that the litter is collected properly. I have learnt that I can also help recycle by using refills from supermarkets rather than buying more and more plastic.

Overall I have learnt that if you can only do ONE THING to help the world, just pick up ONE PIECE OF LITTER a day.
As always this FEEL4 path is just one direction of many you might take but it holds the general actions that most paths might include to reach the same focus.

One of the goals of FEEL4 and its community is to get everyone to share their paths, to add to them, to improve them. This will help others start off on their path faster and with more success.

I want to end this post by asking you to imagine if everyone in the world focused on this path every day? Billions of people picking up one piece of litter alone would have a massive impact.

I hope this post helps inspire you to help make this world a cleaner place. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to read this.

Namaste 🖐

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