FEEL4 lets you squeeze the juice out of all your life experiences

FEEL4 lets you squeeze the juice out of all your life experiences

Trying to get people to understand how amazing something is until they try it is an almost impossible task that is based on faith more than anything.

Trying to get people to understand what FEEL4 is in these early days is very much based on faith. People are naturally sceptical. They think who is this "Cn" guy? Why should I listen.

My answer is you don't have to listen but if you do you will find your life changes for the better the moment you embrace the FEEL4 steps and let them guide you to happy places.

So on my ever evolving path of trying to explain FEEL4 to those of you who haven't tried it, I always look for metaphors that might just help. Today I thought about "juicing lemons" and how it applies to practising FEEL4.

It may help if I begin this by asking:

What are you doing right now to improve your life?

Some of you may say you are doing nothing. Some of you who are into their self development may say they are using books from the likes of Tony Robbins and or Richard Bandler's NLP course.

The latter is great, I have read books from these mentors, they always add value to your understanding of personal development. But what I can guarantee with all of them is that after a few months (maybe sooner) you will forget what you read, you will start to reduce the effectiveness of the lessons they taught you. Not because what they taught you is no good, no, it is because it is a natural human trait to forget the things we have learnt.

So what is the answer?

Oh come on ... you know it's coming ... FEEL4 is the answer!

Using FEEL4 to manage your life is like juicing a lemon.

FEEL4 lets you squeeze the juice out of all your life experiences

The four step formula acts like a tool (mental framework) that will always be at your disposal whenever you need it, to get the most out of your life experiences.

Specifically your experiences of attaining a goal.

Let me quickly explain what I mean about a "goal" in this case. It doesn't have to be a goal to become a billionaire, for someone with a phobia like agoraphobia the goal might just be to go to the cinema without feeling crap. It may be you just want to watch your favourite TV show in an optimal way.

Where the juicing metaphor comes in is that even if you have read a book which helps you overcome your phobia (keeping with that example) and even if you follow its advice to the letter. What it doesn't do is provide you with a tool to manage it - to get the juice out of the advice.

Again let me explain that further because this is important.

Most of you will have your favourite mentors from whom you buy books on how to do things, but all of you will not have a formula that allows you to easily repeat the advice given. To constantly keep tweaking what you have been taught, to achieve results beyond those you first may have wanted to see.

So let's say you followed the advice of a book and you cured your phobia. Great! Seriously great! But what next?

With FEEL4 paths you can re-align your goals too. So you could take your phobia-free self and create a new goal to help others. You may even find that in addition to the advice that cured you, your experience gave you some additional tips which others could benefit from.

I have used an example about a phobia. Hopefully that made sense? But this squeezing the juice out of every moment analogy also applies to simple moments like waking up.

You might think waking up is just something you do every day. And you are right. But with a FEEL4 mindset you wake up and each day you learn to focus (step 1) on that feeling, how lucky you are to have another day of living. How energized (step 2) you should feel to be able to open your eyes to the world, to hear the sounds of your family in the house, perhaps like me you have a nutty dog who runs up and licks you to death! The licking is the engaging (step 3) where you physically engage with the process of waking up. And finally you learn (step 4) that if tomorrow you place a coffee machine on a timer by your bed you can also have a nice hot cup of coffee whilst your dog licks away!

So if you are someone who loves self improvement and living life to the full, if you love improving on the excellent advice you have been given or already have taught yourself, then FEEL4 is the framework that you can use to get the most out of everything you apply it to. And trust me when I say I am holding back, because FEEL4 is the Swiss-army knife of methodologies, there are so many things it can do, but for now let's leave it with the lemon squeezing!

As usual you have been awesome and I sincerely thank you for taking the time out to read this post. If you can please do take the time to share this post on your social accounts and leave some comments in the new discussion forum shown in the link below - this act of kindness really does make a difference.

As always take care and remember to "feel the change you wish to see" start practising FEEL4 today!

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