Feel joy every day

You know it is funny because when I was just thinking of the headline for this post I almost felt guilty about writing "Feel joy every day" ... At first I wrote "Remember to feel joy occasionally".

But this is the point of this post. Screw the "occasionally" part. You deserve to feel joy every day!

It is amazing how in our busy lives we get so caught up in all kinds of things that we easily forget to take a break. We forget we have the power to bring joy into our lives. To feel it.

So here is one way that the FEEL4 steps can help you feel joy each day.



I am focusing on feeling joy today!


I feel energized to feel joy because I want to feel less stressed, I want to smile, I want my family to see me smile, I want to forget the bad things in my life even if for a moment.


Today I will engage with these things to make me feel joy:

1. I will take my dog to the most beautiful scenic part of where I live and enjoy the views.

2. I will stop off at the local bakery and buy myself my favourite cinnamon danish bun.

3. I will hug my kids before and when they return from school.

4. I will kiss my partner on the lips and tell her I love her.

5. I will run a bath and fill it with my favourite bath bomb.

6. I will listen to my top five feel good tunes of all time as much as I can throughout the day.

7. I will take ten minutes out to do some meditation.

... Hopefully you get the idea of what can go into this list! Only you know what makes you feel joy.

With regards to the last step and learning. Whilst you are doing the above things you should be learning what makes you feel better.

So, for example, if you have a bath and listen to your feel good music tracks at the same time and it made you feel better than having no music, make a note of this in your FEEL4 journal so you can remember to do the same next time.

If you found out that whilst on your dog walk and looking at the view you wished you had something to eat, then you might learn to pick your cinnamon bun up before your walk and take it with you.

These are all examples of learning and improving what you do.

FEEL4 is simple and powerful. It makes you feel better day after day. If you want to find out more take the course or read the book.

Author: Cn



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