Do you want FEEL4 to beat a phobia

FEEL4 is a methodology that is easiest to understand when you actually apply it to a situation you are facing.

A lot of people face Mental Health issues daily.

Thankfully FEEL4 is nature's answer to breaking down any phobia problem and finding a cure to help you feel better.

Let me explain more about how the formula works by using my own real life example.
Accept anxiety as being a sign you are alive and well!
I have had anxiety my whole life. That is because anxiety is actually just a normal part of being human.

A phobia is a mental misinterpretation of what really is occurring within your physiology. Basically the nervous anxiety I felt (and still do when someone says to do something I don't want to do) is merely just my heart showing me that it is powerful. It is saying it can give me as much Adrenalin as I want and whenever I need it in a challenging situation. In other words I am blessed with a super power - it is like having Popeye's spinach on tap whenever I need it!

My attitude to anxiety was wrong for a long time. Once I realised the nervous feelings are fine they actually started to disappear quickly. The real phobia driver was my thinking process.

This was especially proven when from time to time, life got tough, and a negative thinking pattern started to dominate my mind. One such thinking pattern told me that doing certain things would make me feel terrible. This thinking pattern developed into agoraphobia (note this is not just a fear of going out - more info RIGHT HERE if you want to read it).

To try and cure myself I turned to Nature. I believe Nature holds the answers to many of our problems. I believe, using an analogy, that Mental illness is like a natural flame and if you fan it with oxygen (negative fearful thoughts) it will grow bigger and bigger until the point it is burning you daily.

For me the solution to putting out that fire (so to speak) was to use FEEL4.

This was, in part, the path I used to turn my life around ...



I want to focus on defeating my agoraphobic thoughts as soon as is practically possible.


I feel energized to do this so I can go outside with confidence and be able to watch my daughter performing in plays and feel calm and focused on the experience. Not having agoraphobia will open so many life doors to me. It will lengthen my life! I will be able to travel. To seek out new adventures. To have fun.

Note, there were lot more energizing factors which I listed. When you use FEEL4 properly and really dig deep you'll find that some of these factors can become very personal and private. Therefore I won't share them here. But I hope you get the point. These energizing factors helped keep me focused on the goal of finding a cure. Every day I re read the list and every day I felt more and more pumped to defeat my irrational fear.


I will engage with these actions:

1. To focus on filling my daily life and thoughts with positive thinking.

1a. I learnt that one of the key reasons I felt anxious about going out was the way my own mind reacted to things. For example, if I was told I had to go shopping my energizing factors were instantly negative. I would think "I am going to be sick in the supermarket" and "What if someone I know sees me freaking out". I quickly (forcefully) reprogrammed my brain to think positive thoughts. I thought "I might meet the woman of my dreams whilst shopping who will enhance my life" and "I am so blessed to be able to walk into the supermarket by being physically healthy and able to do so, many are not as fortunate". I realise this sounds a little cheesy BUT NEGATIVE THINKING PATTERNS ARE WHAT KEPT THE AGORAPHOBIA ALIVE! Once I reprogrammed my thoughts I began "feeling better" ... and like a snowball that feeling grew and grew. In the end I have learnt to push out of my mind any agoraphobic thoughts.

2. To do cardio exercise as much as was healthily possible.

2a. I learnt that exercise really helps fill your mind with happy juice (endorphins) and those keep any anxiety in check.

3. To eat healthily

3a. I learnt the "game changer"! By avoiding foods with caffeine and sugar I was transformed. The anxiety lessened almost instantly.

4. To force myself out to public places morning and afternoon.

4a. I learnt by going out regularly you add the power of conscious experience to your mental reprogramming. Basically I would start getting used to being outside.

5. To hypnotise myself to think better

5a. I learnt that hypnosis was incredible at changing the way I felt. Simply repeating very basic sentences like "I am confident, I feel better, I can do anything I want to do" made me feel better and more confident and able to do anything!

There are a few other things I engaged with but these are the main ones.

FEEL4 is incredible at driving you towards a better life.

It is important to explain the dynamics of FEEL4 again here. Besides the path I wrote out above, because FEEL4 can be applied to everything into infinity and beyond. I also used the FEEL4 steps to focus on each of the actions. I began to go into a flow whereby all of the steps merged together and I started to feel the change I wished to see. I began to automatically do the right things when confronted with anxiety provoking situatons.

I would love to help anyone who wants to beat their phobia with FEEL4. All you have to do is ask ... Contact Me!

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