Are we listening to the right people when it comes to self improvement

Are we listening to the right people when it comes to self improvement

You can't go on YouTube these days without being punched in the eyes and ears by some self improvement guru offering their advice.

Tom Bilyeu's Impact Theory is a YouTube channel and website I am obsessed with. And for me personally I love listening to the likes of Tony Robbins, Lizzie Velasquez, Robin Sharma, Lucinda Redick Bassett, Richard Bandler, Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Seth Godin, Oprah, Marie Forleo, Tim Ferris, Nick Vujicic ... and so many more (sorry if I missed your name). I cannot get enough of self improvement advice to compare it to FEEL4.

Yet sometimes, just sometimes, when I watch a video like this I question whether we are listening to the right people when it comes to self improvement.
There is just something at odds about listening to someone who has their own island and is doing what they like compared to the reality of most people who are sitting at home facing a day of struggle.

It is not that Tony* hasn't had his hardship and journey but how can someone possibly know what it was like being homeless in the 1970s compared to now? Both are tough but there will be some differences. People in 1970 didn't worry about logging in to the internet to do their email marketing!

*Note I love Tony's work this post is not having a dig at him really, I am just using him (because he is so awesome) as a person everyone can relate to

Okay - yes hands up - I get that those who have "Made It" financially are seemingly best placed to show you how you can "Make It", but can they know exactly what financial and emotional hardships you are facing in the current moment when they are stepping into a Ferrari?

Surely we should be listening to those who are on their way to becoming the best they can be? Isn't it those bloggers and vloggers who are trying to get their ideas off the ground that we should all be flocking to and supporting?

I suppose the holistic answer is actually we should be listening to both.

There are the Tony's of this world who have made it big and have obviously had a journey to get there which they can share for others to learn. And then there are also people who don't have an island, people who are facing every day "normal" pressures of parenting or dealing with fears but who are nailing it. And day by day making progress.

After all if you want to take a FEEL4 path to success surely you are better off finding out all there is to know from all different types of people's experiences, right?

What do you think? Are you more comfortable listening to billionaire gurus or people still climbing the self improvement ladder?

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