Anxiety free presentation using FEEL4

Anxiety free presentation using FEEL4

This is a fear most people have.

To give a presentation in front of a large audience.

For me today was an incredible complement to my continued practice of FEEL4. I actually walked into a lecture theatre without nerves and calmly did a Q&A with the audience. And I actually enjoyed it!

Let me just rewind back through time so you realise how incredible an accomplishment this was for me.

I have lived with a complex form of agoraphobia for my entire life. I have never known any different.

I can walk into a room and subconsciously I have already made a mental list of all of the exits and a judgement of all of the people. I know who might be able to help if I fainted or was ill. Who do I need to be aware of ... and many more things that I won't bore you with.

Of course we all make these judgements as humans, it is part of our nature, but when those judgements feed your adrenalin and fears to the point it can make you afraid to leave the house, that is when your brain has wired itself incorrectly. That is where you do have a problem.

So basically if you had said to me during my darkest agoraphobic times that I would calmly walk into a lecture theatre which has all of the triggers which make me want to panic and run out of there, I would have told you that you were lying. There was no way.
Feel the fear and do it anyway
So what changed? What has made me be able to face my fears.

Do you want the honest truth? If you suffer with agoraphobia yourself you won't like my answer but that doesn't make it any less true.

What changed is my mindset. I did the classic self improvement quote. Feel the fear and do it anyway!

The only thing that stops you from overcoming your fears is you!

This is a whole book's worth of discussion so I won't go into it here. What I can say is that what helped me change my mindset is FEEL4.

By walking down paths and using a FEEL4 positive mindset I have just unlocked something so powerful within me. I have literally felt the change I wished to see!

I think what may help those of you who want to copy my path and make their own one is if I write down what I wrote today before doing the presentation.

It is so obvious but then much of FEEL4 is! You shouldn't overthink things if you don't have to.

Oh and by the way this is literally what and how I wrote my FEEL4 path out word for word, bad grammar, spelling and everything, just to show you how you don't have to always do things immaculately, just do them!



i am focused on being confident and delivering a calm and brilliant presentation today at 10.30.


i feel energized because this is great training for feel4 presentations. a rare and excellent opportunity to experience. I want my daughter to feel proud of me and what i do, I want me to feel proud of myself. and my family of course. I want to feel that joy when i have accomplished this.


i prepared the prsentation

i ran through it over and over again

i am now going to deliver it and have fun (who knows tomorrow I could be dead)

Today I learnt that facing your fear is NEVER as bad as your imagination tries to tell you
Haha ... and that is basically it. I know what some people are thinking ... "Is that all he's got to say, surely there is more to it than that?".

Well okay, yes, like anything, if you want to do something to a higher standard you can refine and tweak and refine and tweak. You can write out every single step and go over and over and over them. But it's like when you paint a room of your house. You can give the room two coats of paint, or you can carry on and give it thirty coats! But the room is still painted after two coats! You would still see a visual benefit.

FEEL4 is the same. You can dive in deep if you want. Because I practice it daily and understand how it works. In the same way a Jedi might understand the force haha ... I am able to write out a path quickly - like I have showed you - and immediately gain a deep and powerful feeling from it. It is because I know all of the emotional processes from having practised and studied it for so long.

My main aim here is to give those of you who suffer with nerves giving a presentation, or those who want to master their anxieties, a sense of hope. You can cure yourself. It is not always easy. I still have to fight nerves. I am sure if I did a TED talk in front of thousands I'd probably be shaking like a leaf, but you know what, I would actually think about doing it, before FEEL4 that would have never happened.

As always read the book or take the free course. Just get going with FEEL4 so you too can start benefiting from it the way I do.

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