Relax with music so powerful it is used in surgery as a sedative

I read this story during the week and wanted to share it with you if you are on a FEEL4 path to find relaxation.

The above music is composed by a band in the UK called Marconi Union. It is called "Weightless".

It was used by University of Pennsylvania researchers who held a trial where two groups of patients were given either a drug midazolam or were played this song. At the same time they were given an anaesthetic.

The interesting finding is that both trial groups had the same reaction: Anxiety reduced for each one!

The benefits are, drugs can have negative impacts on the recovery of the patient, whereas music has none.

It is said that music lights up the emotional area of the brain where pleasure and reward feelings emanate.

I think this type of finding is fantastic news. Without going as far as Steve Jobs I believe that natural remedies and treatments can have the same impact on caring for people with health problems related to both mind and body.

My grandad was a Japanese prisoner of war and when the prisoners had to be operated on without any drugs, they used hypnosis. That worked too. Hypnosis is a fantastic way to relax your mind. If you can merge it with the Weightless track then you are surely onto a winner!

I also want to remind those who have read my new book that the power of music is very important to be aware of if you are undertaking step 2 of the FEEL4 path. Step 2 is when you should energize yourself to want to keep on going and achieve your focus.

Relax with music so powerful
Music is a brilliant way to re-energize yourself at times when you feel like giving up on your path.

I hope this post helps you feel better knowing music is something within your power to use at any point in your day.

What song would you say makes your mind sit up and love life? Go play it!

Author: Cn



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