The right way to find happiness

It's good to be back writing after a break. I feel energized to be here sharing the lessons learnt that are improving my life more and more each day. The sun just shone through my window as I typed that last sentence so nature is agreeing.

Let me just jump straight to it. What is the right way to find happiness?

To be happy you have to feel positive emotions.
Excuse me I just had to reiterate the word "FEEL" as it is so important to take note of it and understand that it is pivotal to happiness.

Let me exaggerate this point by stating most people think happiness comes from money. Well guess what? In part they are correct. Why? Because money in our society enables us to do the things that make us feel better.

Picture yourself now booking your summer holiday, knowing that instead of travelling economy class you can afford to use a private jet service. No queues, no hassle. Sheer indulgence. Being able to live a life where your experiences feel good will make you feel happier.

Hang on! Hang on! Okay I know what some of you are thinking. This is not making you feel better, especially as you probably just looked at your negative bank account balance.

Don't worry I am getting to the part where you will be able to live life differently and find happiness without money.


Okay, so as long as you understand that finding happiness is about feeling good things. You can start to fill your day with things that feel good, things that are in your control, and within your means.

So for example, let's say you have enough take home pay to afford your favourite chocolate bar. Learn to set time aside to really enjoy it. Scatter throughout your day as many moments where you can feel good. Be innovative.

If you have a stressful meeting where you have to present and you are dreading it, then reward yourself when you complete your presentation. Take yourself out to eat. Treat yourself to that boxset or film you have been yearning to watch.

If you have a partner and they have read this FEEL4 post then get them in on the act. Get them to give you a massage once a week and you in turn can give them one.

Learn to stop and look around at the things you have right now which make you feel good. Learn to use FEEL4 to enhance your feelings. Basically, look for every opportunity to make yourself feel better. Do not look for happiness in things that are not within your reach, focus on doing anything within your current means that will bring a smile to your face.

When you truly understand this you will feel happy more often until your life feels happy.

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