Using FEEL4 to find some inner peace

You may have arrived here not knowing what the hell FEEL4 is? To you it is just a word.

If you want to know what FEEL4 is then take a look at the videos page and or take the free course.
If you just want a quick explanation this is it.

FEEL4 represents four steps that will lead you down a path of improvement and allow you to succeed at whatever you are focusing on doing.

You can apply the steps to anything.

You can write them down to project manage your path.

You can simply think through them to improve a situation.
Therefore if you want to find some inner peace - guess what you have to do - yes - all you have to do is make it your focus and walk down the FEEL4 path.

And to repeat the above, you can write your path out in a FEEL4 Journal or you can just run through the steps in your mind, the choice is yours.

In this example I am going to imagine you are at home and have just found a rare hour to do something for yourself.

This is how your mind can use FEEL4 to find inner peace.



I am focusing on feeling inner peace right now.


I want to do this because I feel stressed and I want to feel better and make sure I am able to tackle the rest of the day at my best.


I am engaging right now by:

1. Finding somewhere I can sit (or lie down) and close my eyes safely without being disturbed.

2. Setting an alarm to wake me up if I fall asleep.

3. Pressing PLAY on the above video.

4. As I listen to the video I am going to clench my fists tight 100 times.

5. For every time I squeeze my fists I am going to imagine a pulse of healing blue light bursting through my body making me feel extremely peaceful.

6. I will let my mind wonder and go where it wants to go and I will keep my eyes shut and breath naturally throughout it all.


As I do all of the engagement steps I am going to tweak what makes me feel better. If I feel my body aches or itches I will adjust it so it doesn't. I will learn from other videos on inner peace more techniques that will allow me to explore the subject. I will also learn to implement my own ideas that I think will help me go even deeper into a peaceful state. I will teach my friends my technique to see if it helps them and ask them too for their ideas.
Taking time out for yourself is the main thing you can do to develop inner peace. It is very easy when you have a stressful job and or busy home life with family to ignore this natural need.

Feel free to share you experiences below for others to learn from your four step path.

Namaste My Friend

Author: Cn



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