Tony Robbins helps you level up

Today I want to help you level up.
What does "Level Up" mean?
It means that many of us (if not all) grow through life to a point that we start to feel unfulfilled. We have tried many things to make something work and yet we haven't had a breakthrough. We feel something is not quite right.

If you feel like an ambition is still not happening, or your love life is not getting better or perhaps your business needs a breakthrough, or all of these things, then I have created a path for you to follow as a result of watching Tony's video:



I am focusing on finding out what it takes to level up and get a breakthrough in areas of my life that will make me feel fulfilled - and I want to improve my situation as soon as is practically possible.


I feel energized to take action and achieve my focus because:

- I am actually getting unhealthy due to the stress of not fulfilling my destiny, I want to feel well again, I want to find some positive energy that makes me feel alive.

- By injecting some positive energy back into my life I can invest quality time in those I love and they will benefit too.

- By being happy that I have achieved a breakthrough it will emit that same happy energy to those I come into contact with and make life feel better.

[As always, note, your own energizing list will be specific to your desires and what motivates you]


I am engaging with these actions and learning from them as follows:

1. I am engaging with listening to the Tony Robbins video at the top of this page.

1.1 I am learning that it is easy to get stuck in a rut, to repeat the same things day in day out and not improve [Note, using FEEL4 would stop me from doing this]. Undertaking the same negative "Patterns" will hold me back from levelling up.

1.2 I am learning that I have to feel fulfilled as well as be successful, just being successful is not enough. There are people who have achieved MASSIVE success but if they do not feel fulfilled then the money alone does not make them happy.

2. I am engaging with making changes to improve my life.

2.1 I am learning that FEEL4 is the best tool I know to lead me towards finding out what it is I want out of a situation and how to improve it and feel better.

2.2 I am learning that to make a positive change in my life I have to lead by example. I have to own the problem. I have to be a great leader not only for those around me but myself. I have to create myself a positive path to follow and lead myself and others to the destination.

2.3 I am learning that it is who one becomes that makes them happy. I need to be myself.

2.4 I am learning that I have to take stock and ask myself, am I doing things for the sake of others or because I want to do them.

3. I am engaging with learning more about leadership.

3.1 I am learning that leading is about developing the skill of influence. I need to be able to influence people. I need to influence people to take action and decisions, such as taking on new staff or undertaking a new strategy.

3.2 I am learning that if I can't influence then I cannot lead.

3.3 I am learning that if I can turn other people into influencers then my dreams can become a reality.

3.4 I am learning that adding value and telling the truth will never go out of style. In other words it will help me influence and drive forward any goal I have - I need to maintain integrity in all that I do.

3.5 I am learning that resourcefulness is a great skill I have to develop and focus on to make positive changes in my life.

3.6 I am learning that to influence someone I have to be influenced, I cannot give someone else what I don't have. I have to feel it (FEEL4 promotes this).

3.7 I am learning that I have to maintain energy, otherwise things I loved once will die off. I need to learn how to energize the parts of my life I don't feel alive.

3.8 I am learning I have to take action otherwise any ideas and dreams die; I need to take action not just think about taking action.

3.9 I am learning I have to lead and take action if I want others to take action. I have to influence people.

3.9.1 I am learning that influencing is about states of mind. If I can change the emotional state in someone then they will follow me.

3.9.2 I am learning that patterns are akin to habits and rituals. If I can learn to see the habits both myself and others have then I can learn to understand what needs to change and what actions need to take place to do that.
Final Notes...

Tony is basically telling you that if you want to level up you have to become a leader. To do that you have to take ownership of the situation and be focused on what you need.

Once you are focused you can influence people to help you get to your end goal.

Once you are focused and energized properly you can do anything.

You have limitless power if you are able to feel the change you wish to see and sell others the vision you know is right for you.

Author: Cn



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