Think of FEEL4 like a box everything goes into

Think of FEEL4 like a box everything goes into

I am constantly trying to come up with better ways to explain what FEEL4 is.

Today the following metaphor came to mind:

Think of FEEL4 like a box everything goes into ...

The more I repeat that thought the more it seems like a great way to define FEEL4.

You can literally use the FEEL4 steps to enhance any other methodology you know and love.

For example if you love self help you most likely have a favourite person in mind and perhaps a favourite methodology of theirs. You may follow Richard Bandler who helped found NLP. You may follow Eckhart Tolle and love the teachings of The Power of Now.

Whatever works to improve your life, you can still use FEEL4 to enhance it even more.

Let’s look at the FEEL4 steps again.


What specifically do you need to improve and accomplish (and when)?


What things will inspire, motivate and keep you in a healthy state to attain your focus?


What things do you have to do (and when) to attain your focus? Do them!


What positive things have you learnt from the previous steps and what can you do next to improve your situation?
How does something like The Power of Now fit into them? How can The Power of Now be enhanced by them?

Let’s take a look at an example path:



I am focusing on finding peace of mind in the Now and finding the peace within me.

ENERGIZE I want to do this because I suffer with anxiety and it is affecting my health. I want to be able to sleep properly through the night without feel wired. I want to find inner peace and enlightenment. I want my family to see the positive change within me and look to me as a role model.


I am going to engage with doing these things to accomplish my focus:

1. I am going to read Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now three times by the end of the month.

2. I am going to stop watching any violent and negative films / television shows, starting today.

3. I am going to turn my mobile phone off after six pm starting today.

4. I am going to start researching new natural healthy diets.


1a. I am learning that the truth is within me and I also carry the seed of enlightenment within me.

2a. I am learning that after a few days of not watching any violent and negative films / television shows that I feel better. I feel much more at peace. I have also learnt that not watching the news every day helps me feel less depressed.

3a. I am learning that I have so much more time on my hands now that I don’t keep looking at my mobile phone screen. I am learning that I do not feel as tense waiting for a notification to beep at me. I am learning that I fall asleep faster and sleep longer.

4a. I am learning that a Ketogenic diet can reduce aching joints and promote weight loss. I am going to make it a separate FEEL4 path for me to follow.
This is a very basic example of how you might use FEEL4 to enhance some of Eckhart Tolle’s teachings into your life. You can literally use the FEEL4 framework to frame and enhance everything else too, such as managing a project to painting the bathroom. For this reason FEEL4 is not like any other self improvement methodology. It does not need to be discarded because you recently came across another book which promises to help you lose weight or build a business. No. FEEL4 will always act as a framework for any other method. In essence:
Think of FEEL4 like a box everything goes into ...

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