The journey to FEEL4

Self improvement is my passion. By nature I am both a dreamer and a realist. I believe this combination makes for a perfect mindset to offer people realistic guidance to reach their dream goals.

I have always had a strong interest in improving myself. To be the best I can be. I love the thought of being able to improve upon everything I do.

As I have grown older the self part has become more about helping others. This became an unstoppable passion from 2012 onward when life as I knew it ended.

My wife left me in June 2012 and it ripped my world apart. I literally died inside from all of the breakup experience. For me close family was the one thing I'd always wanted in life. It was what made me happy and mentally strong. To think of a world without my wife and children was unbearable. Yet this worst nightmare scenario happened in the worst way possible and I had to learn to live with it.

I mention this not to gain your sympathy. I simply want you to realise that FEEL4 is a formula that stems from someone who knows what life changing pain is all about. Once you have experienced such devastation you form a genuine attitude to want help others who have experienced similar situations.

FEEL4 was born out of the purest of intentions and with the biggest of missions, to help everyone who uses it to improve their situation, to succeed in what they set their mind to, and to feel better for it.

When things with my divorce were at their worst I desperately needed an easy to follow methodology that would show me a glimpse of hope. I searched for one but there was nothing to be found. Yes there were books on the subject, there were also videos, but no easy to follow formula. That's why I decided to create my own.
The Journey To FEEL4...
Early on in my journey to create an improvement formula I realised that I already had some great knowledge to call upon and use. For example, throughout my life, whenever my anxiety started to become a real pain in the arse, I learnt to be able to defeat its hold on me by taking certain mental steps. The idea of sharing this knowledge and being able to help other people to control and conquer their own anxieties made me feel excited.

I quickly realised that developing a formula was like cooking. I kept finding lots of great ingredients (knowledge) to throw into the mix. Ingredients which not only tasted amazing but were also 100% healthy for the mind, body and spirit.

A formula to control anxiety was one thing but understanding how to help people deal with and lessen the pain and depression caused by a devastating life change (i.e. an illness, death or divorce) was a different journey of discovery.

Thankfully, I again had some invaluable lessons learnt from my own divorce experience which I could pull from. For example, I had noticed that even when under the most intense stress I would occasionally feel better. It felt like a ray of sunshine had pierced the darkness. Or if you prefer it felt like something in the universe was taking away the pain to allow me to recover and cope. This type of feeling had occurred enough times to make me want to delve deeper into the rationale of why it happened. I wanted to know what sequence of thoughts, actions and feelings enabled me to feel that way especially whilst facing such devastating pain. I knew if I could capture all of those components and use them in the formula then other people could constantly follow it to always feel better whenever they needed to. Most importantly such a formula might be able to stop someone from taking their own life if they themselves are ever faced with a devastating situation.

Another ingredient I wanted to add to the taste of the formula was a business one. I have had decades of project and programme management experience. I've worked alongside a few of the top five business consultancies. I have also worked in hugely bureaucratic organisations. My experience showed me that the management of objectives and actions, whether strategic or operational, were always over complicated. I knew there were simpler ways of getting actions done. I also knew there was a definite lack of enthusiasm in people who were tasked with making things happen. If I could create a formula that made the management of an objective simple, consistent and fun then I knew it would prove to be a game changer.

In the end I had a eureka moment. As I compiled my notes I realised there were four key words that were always being repeated. They were always present whenever I heard a business or personal success story, analysed my own successful mental health techniques and heard any other expert give advice on anything that brings successful outcomes and improves situations. The four words were: FOCUS + ENERGIZE + ENGAGE + LEARN ... and the rest, as they say, is history.
The Power of Choice!
When I said previously that "I literally died inside", it was not a throw away term. The old me died. Everything I loved about my family life could never return to the way it was. It was a terminal situation which could never be undone. However, I held on to the fact that I could control what I did from that point forth. I knew that every one of us is born with a superpower to be able to combat negative feelings. The superpower to be able to CHOOSE what to think in the present moment and about future prospects.

No matter the hardship you face in life. If like me you have experienced devastation because of a situation and you feel you cannot carry on - I want you to know you can! I want you to know THAT is exactly why and how FEEL4 was discovered. I needed a formula that would improve my moments, my days, my weeks - my life. Whether it happened one step (literally) at a time or in a giant leap. I wanted to use a formula that enforced my desire to CHOOSE to live even when facing my hardest mental challenges.

I am not like other self improvement gurus because I don't have a huge (in your face) mansion to film videos in. I don't want to lead you to believe that if you use FEEL4 you will be living the same billionaire lifestyle as me in 3 days. I want you to know that I deal with emotional sh*t every day but I overcome it everyday too. Why? Because of FEEL4.

Even though I consider myself an expert in self improvement techniques I still get that negative voice in my head trying to knock me down.

The point in me mentioning all of this is, FEEL4 is the real deal. It is not full of BS, it is not a gimmick, there is no need to roll your eyes and think "Not another guy with a self help idea". No. Until you fully understand and live the FEEL4 life it is impossible for you to know how amazing the formula is. For anyone, in any situation. It literally improves your moments, it creates a path of contentment. You become fully appreciative of every moment you experience.

So whether you just want to make a hot drink or build a global business, FEEL4 will always have the same outcome, it will make you feel better as you step closer to and succeed in achieving your goal/s. It will improve your moments one at a time until you are left with a year of improvement and another and another... you get the idea.

All you have to do to feel this truth is to use the formula. I can write until my fingers bleed but that won't prove what I am saying is true until you have walked down a four step path and felt better for it.

The question is are you ready to take the next step and learn more about the formula?

Author: Cn


Image by Ales Krivec from Pixabay


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