Success leaves traces - in other words paths

A friend of mine once told me, "Success leaves traces". Ever since that moment I have eagerly been on the look out for breadcrumbs of information that any major achievement I want to pursue has left behind.

So for example, if I want to find inner peace I might look to gain answers from inner peace gurus like Eckhart Tolle or Sadhguru.
Every goal you can think of achieving will have a breadcrumb trail behind it to show others the way to get there. A path...
The four steps of FEEL4 lead you down a path. Paths are absolutely fundamental to the entire FEEL4 concept. If you do not build a path you cannot walk down it. It is that simple.

So when I hear successful people using the FEEL4 language I get excited. I hear a little tinkling bell ringing in my head as if to say, "You see, yet more proof that FEEL4 is coded into every success story".

In the above video Alex Banayan describes a turning point in his life whilst at college. He says something hugely profound and something most people reading this will nod in acknowledgement on hearing. He says, "Maybe I am not on my path, maybe I am on a path that somebody placed me on".

How many of us have ended up in a job or situation that someone else pushed us into. Have you?

When I say pushed, it doesn't necessarily mean being physically bullied into doing something - no - it could be worse! Maybe someone you love (like a parent) always wanted to do the career you are training for, maybe you ended up pursuing it because you wanted to make them proud. Yet deep inside you feel something about your life's purpose is not being fulfilled. You go to school or work and just feel numb.

This is the importance of FEEL4. This is one of the main reasons it exists. It helps people to create a path to the place they feel they should be. A place they will enjoy getting to as well as arriving.

In Alex's case he created a path for himself. He wrote a book called The Third Door. It's a book which he started to write at 18, one which reveals the answers as to how dozens of the world's most successful people broke through and launched their careers. The likes Bill Gates and Lady Gage were all approached. He chased Larry King through a grocery store and hacked his way into Warren Buffett's sharholders meeting. A perfect read for anyone looking to find the traces of success.

So the next time you want to achieve something, don't forget that there are breadcrumbs everywhere that will lead you to reach your destiny. In other words:
Success Leaves Traces!

Author: Cn



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