Sometimes life can suck so let’s suck it together

This is becoming a pet hate of mine more and more.

Hearing life coaches and those on social media promoting formulas to improve your life and yet never mentioning the elephant in the room!

The elephant is the fact that life can suck!
Sometimes Life Can Suck So Let's Suck It Together
Life doesn't have to be 100% perfect every day. It is okay to know that your life sucks. It is okay to take a realistic amount of time to dwell on that fact. It is also really good to share that experience with someone and hopefully enjoy an emotional roller coaster which at some point will make you see the funny side of your current life circumstances.

But the key thing is, when life does get tough you should also be thinking that what you are experiencing is a rebirth. You are fuelling your rocket to take you to the stars. In FEEL4 language that means you are actually energizing yourself to get so fed up with life sucking that you will want to take action. And when that happens you will reach a new destination and it will feel even better because of the time life sucked.
Wake up to social media!
So many people are tweeting positive life stories (which I do love by the way to an extent) that the opposite side of life is being brushed under the carpet. This is unhealthy.

The younger the viewer the more likely they will be taught to think life has to be 100% fracking fantastic at all times or else they are a failure.


Life is never EVER going to be 100% amazing. You need sadness to know what happiness is. You need to know the pain of crying to understand the joy of laughter.

The key to a good life is appreciating what you have got and having some plans for your hopes and dreams in place (cue having FEEL4 paths) so that you know that what you are experiencing is just a normal part of the journey and it is okay to say things are getting you down.

The worst thing you can ever do is wallow in self pity for longer than is healthy and to do it alone. If you are in a bad place emotionally then get others to visit you there so they can push you out of it.

Take care today! I am so excited for you. Do you realise how exciting it is to think that you could start planning something right now that will lead you to a joyous life event. If you need to some help contact me or if you are up for a challenge then sign up to the free course and starting using FEEL4 in your life today.

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