Make Sunday special with FEEL4

There is something special about Sunday.

It doesn't matter if you are not religious. It is more about the fact that things tend to slow down.

In today's fast paced society we need a "Time-Out" day. We need to recharge our energy.

This is why I want to share with you how you can apply FEEL4 to making your Sunday (or days off) all the better.

Before I go any further. A quick note. If you haven't yet read the book or taken the free course then I urge you to do so. Knowing what FEEL4 is and how its formula works will help you get the most out of these types of blog post.

As with most things to do with FEEL4 the key to improving your day off is based on doing the obvious.

What is the obvious?

Sunday should be a day of winding down and relaxing. Therefore your overarching focus should be to align everything you have to do on Sunday with these two things.

This how your overarching focus could be written:

- I am focusing on winding down and relaxing this Sunday.

You would then list out some Sunday-appropriate focuses that are to do with winding down and relaxing.

In some life circumstances you might think this can be challenging.

For example, if you have children then you may feel you don't get the luxury of winding down as you would if you didn't have them. But actually such thinking is wrong. With a FEEL4 mindset you would fill your Sunday with appreciation that your family is alive and well, and you would look to focus on doing things that involve the whole family winding down in some small way. That could be taking the family to the park and focusing on letting exercise play a part in running out any pent up stress built up from the working week. Then you might want to focus on having a great meal together and afterwards focusing on watching a movie.

When you understand the FEEL4 steps you will hopefully be aware that all of the things you decide to focus on doing should all be decided in parallel with the energizing factors (step two of the formula is about energizing).

Let me explain. If you are a family looking to wind down then you should all decide on which park you want to go to, this helps everyone to get energized (enthused) to go there. Also everyone should choose what they want to do for exercise once at the park; that might mean dad wants to play a bit of Frisbee throwing with the dog, whilst mum wants to practice yoga and son and daughter want to go on the swings... the point being if each of the family are focusing on doing the things they want then together they will all feel energized to engage with the overarching activity.

If you are single the same applies. Let's say you want to go to the cinema, then you should be feeling enthusiastic (energized) to want to go and see the movie.
These are the four steps of FEEL4 and together they always lead to improvement and therefore - to have a great Sunday - you should always apply them.

Make your day one of focusing on the things you want to do to wind down and relax. Energize yourself with why you want to do them. Then engage with them and learn if you can tweak and get the most out of the experience as you go along.

If you can follow these synchronous paths you will find your Sundays (days off) feel perfect.

Author: Cn


Image by Joe from Pixabay


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