James Lawrence did 50 ironmans using FEEL4

James Lawrence (AKA The Iron Cowboy) did 50 Ironmans using FEEL4 and doesn't even know it - until now!

If you watch the above video you will soon hear James describing a point during his record breaking attempt to do 50 Ironmans in 50 days when he breaks down - he'd had enough and started to cry whilst curled up on the ground - his bike wheels still span from where he threw the bike down in sheer exhaustion after an 80 mile gruelling cycle. It was at that point he suddenly felt the power of FEEL4.

If you have read the FEEL4 Guide you will know that FEEL4 is a formula that captures the evolution of a process. In other words you cannot escape how nature guides you whenever you need it. Nature sends you the answers through the situations you find yourself living. In James' case he was exhausted. He had a focus to complete the 50 Ironmans sure; alone it was a challenging objective to want to achieve and the kudos was automatically know to be worthwhile doing. But nature knows that having a focus is not the only thing that will push you to achieve it. You have to constantly feel you want to achieve it...

So James started to run through the FEEL4 process without knowing it. He started listing out the reasons why he wanted to keep going and achieve his goal. Again, you must read the FEEL4 Guide to be able to see the parallels in all that you come across in your life; in this case this video.

Listing is intrinsic to FEEL4; especially listing out all of the things that energize you to want to continue improving a situation. James also realised in his exhausted state that having one reason alone was not enough to get back on his bike. He needed more reasons to want to continue something so challenging.

It is also not enough just to list things out, you have to feel the energy running through you. Passion has to fill you up like a rocket needs fuel so it can blast off. In James' case he experienced a rebirth. A rebirth which in FEEL4 terms meant he was ready to engage with more actions to improve his situation and achieve his goal. Being a fitness legend James also developed a way to constantly feel that way and re-energize himself whenever he needed it. He wore his yellow sunglasses. They became his uniform to defeat any negativity and launch into his Iron Cowboy alter ego.

If you haven't already click play on the above video and check out James' inspirational talk. If you are looking to achieve anything challenging it will provide you with essential lessons learnt.

Let me leave you with this quote which should inspire you to find your inner champion to improve your life and succeed at whatever it is you are focusing on:
We are moments away every day from a decision that is going to completely change our life...
On July 25, 2015, James “IronCowboy” Lawrence took the last step of a 50-day ultra endurance feat totalling 7,030 miles.

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