Happy mothers day

The date differs around the world but here in the UK today is Mothers Day.

I thought therefore it would be good to look at what energizes you about having a mother or a mother figure in your life and what you can engage with to make them feel special today.

Let's do a FEEL4 path!



Today I want to focus on being grateful for and showing my mother appreciation.


I feel energized to do this because:

- I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for my mother

- My mother has helped me through so many tough times

- My mother provides me with an inner power just by having been in my life

- I want my mother to know how amazing I think she is and see a smile on her face


I am going to engage with these actions to feel grateful and show my mother my appreciation:

1. I am going to go through photos of my mother and me and be reminded of how much we have been through together

2. I am going to write out next to each photo why that particular moment makes me feel loved

3. I am going to email my mother with the photos and the why they make me feel loved and thank her

4. I am going to buy a bunch of her favourite flowers and write a simple note saying thank you for being the best mother ever

5. I am going to ask if she needs my help with anything

6. I am going to tell her I will always be there for her if she needs me

7. I am going to treat her to a meal out in her favourite restaurant


Today I have learnt that it doesn't cost to say a simple thank you to my mother; by the look in her eyes "Thank you" alone meant so much. I have learnt that I am blessed to have had such a wonderful mother. I have learnt that it makes me feel good to give back to my mother what she has always given to me. I have learnt that unconditional love is the greatest feeling.

I hope you enjoy making your own FEEL4 path to celebrate your mother. Make the most of every moment with her.
Happy Mothers Day!

Author: Cn



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