Free Tony Robbins growing business and brand tutorial

If you are into self improvement then Tony Robbins is a name you have to be made aware of. He has coached thousands of people who thought they couldn't do something. People who are in desperate need of life and business guidance.

The above video outlines a great path to success. Advice you would usually pay a massive fee to receive.

To help you get to grips as quickly as possible I have translated it into a FEEL4 path you can copy and follow.



I am focusing on seeing my business (idea / brand) grow over the next 12 months.


I feel energized to grow a business because:

- I want to show myself and others I can be successful

- I want to work doing something enjoyable

- I want to feel a sense of fulfilment

- I want to increase my income

(Note, your list of things that energize you will be different, these are examples)


I am engaging and learning things via the following actions:

1. I am engaging with asking people (who know and work with me) what skills I lack.

1.1 I am learning that I lack XYZ skills and so I am putting a plan in place to hire or involve other people who are good at those things, or if nobody is available to educate myself so I can improve how I perform at those skills.

2. I am engaging with understanding what it is really like to run a business.

2.1 I am learning that the challenge of running a business never goes away, even after ten years. Business changes daily and a good entrepreneur has to keep up. 96% of businesses in a ten year period close; only 4% make it (which doesn't mean they make money, they just survive).

2.2 I am learning that business is a "Gladiator" type profession where you have to fight to survive, every day.

3. I am engaging with understanding what works to grow a business.

3.1 I am learning that my business has to be unique, it must stand out, I have to create a brand that I can market. I am learning that it is difficult but it can definitely be done!

3.2 I am learning that I must be careful of getting stuck doing the same thing if it isn't working. As the business owner I have to learn to delegate and step away from the smaller tasks so I can build a successful strategy. A good strategy can save me 10 years of hard work!

3.3 I am learning that I have to be able to pick the right team to work with me and know how to train them. I am learning I must get rid of people if they do not increase my profit or at least make a valuable contribution to the growth of the company.

4. I am engaging with understanding what a break-through is, with regards to business growth.

4.1 I am learning that a breakthrough is when something I have struggled with for a long time suddenly improves and what has seemed impossible for so long becomes possible. An area of business starts to work and the results I wanted come through.

4.2 I am learning that to get a breakthrough I have to have these three things:

- 1 - I have to create the right energizing story (the Story is made from the thoughts that I tell ,myself, such as if you want to lose weight and you tell yourself that you are not losing weight because you have big bones). You have to divorce the story and tell yourself the truth (the truth with the weight loss is that you are still eating too much and not exercising enough in the right way). The truth will set you free. [Note using FEEL4 will automatically provide you with a story - this happens as part of the energizing step two process]

- 2 - I have to not be too general when I am defining my business goal, I have to focus in the right way, the more detail I have the more likely I will know what I have to do to achieve my objectives.

- 3 - I have to have a great strategy. I have to know my path. With the wrong strategy I will be leading myself to the wrong destination. [Note using FEEL4 will automatically provide you with a strategy - this happens as part of the engaging step three process]

4.3 I am learning that if I make things complicated that can negatively effect my business growth.

Final Notes...

If you want to grow a business and a brand the main thing you have to do is know your story. What is the story you want to tell people? Why should people take notice of your brand? What is different about it? If you can figure that out you will be on your way to being very successful.

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