A path to gratefulness

path to gratefulness

Life can sometimes get a little cloudy and those clouds can get very dark. So how do you make the sunshine come out to brighten up your mind?

I was mulling this over the other day. Challenging myself to feel better through the art of FEEL4. It then came to me that a great way to make sunshine in your mind is to focus on being grateful.

This was my simple path to happiness which I hope you can use to make your own.



I am focusing on feeling grateful.


I feel energized to do this because I want to feel grateful (don’t overthink this step!)


I am engaging with listing out ten random things I feel grateful for, starting now:

I feel grateful that -

❤ I am alive to be doing this list!

❤ I have the most amazing daughter ever!!

❤ I have the most amazing dog ever!!!

❤ I have the full use of my body.

❤ I still have most of my hair :)

❤ My mum and dad are still alive.

❤ It’s not rained whilst I did my hour’s walk.

❤ I have a car that has never broken down.

❤ The world hasn’t blown itself up yet!

❤ I had amazing grandparents x

I have learnt that forcing myself to focus on feeling grateful actually does make my mind feel lighter. It sends different chemicals into my mind that allow rays of sunshine to start breaking apart the dark clouds. I have learnt that most things I am grateful of don’t involve money. Money does not seem to be a factor in what makes me happy.
This is a very simple exercise but it does make you feel better. The question now is, what do YOU feel grateful for?

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