Staying motivated on social media

I recently wrote a quick blog post on the advice Casey Neistat gave about being successful on YouTube.

I also wrote a post about patterns appearing wherever success is present, namely the FEEL4 pattern.

Patterns are made up of individual things that in their own right are repeated whenever success occurs. One such thing is "Patience".

Casey and Gary Vaynerchuk both state that patience is the key to success in the long run.

This post is particularly trying to answer the question of how you can stay motivated on social media when it feels like you are not making any progress.

Patience is the first tool you need to arm your mind with.

Now obviously there is a lot of tweaking that may need to occur to help improve your social network growth and interaction with followers, but I think that if you are a single entity and you are trying to grow a business or whatever else, then you need to follow this rule.
You need to ... NOT GIVE A FLYING F*CK!
Hang on. Whoa. Stop. Don't take that the wrong way. Let me explain.

I believe you should only be on social media as a way to connect with people and to share with them the passion you feel. Your passion should lie in the business you do or whatever else it is you are doing, perhaps a hobby.

Therefore you should ultimately not be posting on social media to focus purely on the interactions and analytics but you should instead be focusing on sharing what you love. You shouldn't care if nobody responds to your social networking.


Because you should not be in the business of spending your time on social media. You should be spending your time on what you love. What you are passionate about.

Now here is the twist....

I believe if other people sense that you are genuinely passionate about what you do then they will follow you. They will want to be part of your positive energy.

Not to mention the fact that if you are genuine you will be an expert in whatever it is you are sharing. People will want to gain knowledge from that expertise.

But what if people still don't follow or interact with your social networking?

Have patience.


And remember that waiting doesn't mean you cannot tweak things. Remember the fourth step of the FEEL4 formula is to learn, so you should always be learning what you can do to improve your social networking as you wait.

Always be happy that you are sharing your message, and find comfort in knowing that if one social network doesn't understand how amazing you are, then why not sign up and try them all. See which one is best for your style.
Patience will always deliver your destiny...

Author: Cn



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